And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, October 21, 2011

How Things Change!

When I started staying at home, Apple was just 3 months old. Things were so very different then! We didn't know any other stay at home moms at the time. We didn't have any regular activities. The only schedule we needed to stick to was Hubby's. He worked at night and so we tried to be home at lunch time everyday because that was our big family meal for the day. I remember being so bored. I cooked almost all of our meals, we went to the store several times a week, and we watched a lot of Sesame Street and Price is Right. I remember longing for playdates, sports, activities,etc. My house was always spotless.

Boy have things changed! Life is just so busy! I think more than ever I understand adult concepts like enjoying peace & quiet. I always thought "old" people that liked quiet were crazy. I usually had the TV & radio on and I was on the phone! Who would like quiet. Raising my hand!! Me. Over 30 me. I LOVE and savor quiet these days (because it don't ever happen!). Around this time of my life, I wondered why anyone would dislike shopping. What was wrong with these people?? I loved to shop. I loved Walmart, Kroger, Kohls, etc. I enjoyed just walking around with Apple in a stroller "window" shopping. Yeah........I don't love that now. I *DREAD* the store. Any store. I had to go to Sam's and Walmart with my kids today. I think getting a tetanus shot would have been more fun. It's not that my kids are horrible in stores. They aren't perfectly behaved at all but they're decent, it's just no FUN! I make a list then I can't concentrate on the list for making sure they are with me and not breaking anything. So it always takes FOR.EV.ER. Then when I get to the register I've forgotten 15 things I need, but it just isn't worth it to go back (nevermind that means a whole other trip to the store). Then the total at checkout just makes me wanna pass out or grasp my chest and yell "I'm coming Elizabeth" in Redd Foxx fashion.

Nope, life isn't the same! But I love every moment with my two rambunctious bundles of joy! I try my best anyway...... and I join the ranks of "old" people...........

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