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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Keeping Healthy #lysolcoldandflu

How do you keep your little ones healthy? As the seasons change, with the falling leaves always comes runny noses and coughs it seems. Even at the soccer game yesterday, one of Speedy's teammates had a bad cough. Speedy was in his face several times asking him if he was okay. As proud as I was of his compassion, I don't want those germs coming home with him! To keep the whole family healthy we:

  • Keep hand sanitizer on hand! While I never promote overuse of hand sanitizer it is great to have on the go for restrooms that are out of soap or other nasty situations. We keep one small bottle in my purse and a larger bottle in the car.
  • Teach our kids to cough into their elbow and to wash their hands after sneezing or coughing.
  • Keeping hands to ourselves. Now with a 4 and a 6 year old, this is one that needs constant reminder but I think keeping hands to ourselves is not only nicer, it's less germy!
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Some days its hard to find time to keep the house clean but mopping the floor and using Lysol wipes on the counters and frequently touched places will stop the spread of germs! The kids help me clean all the time. They can assist with laundry, dusting, wiping the tables, and more! Get them involved!
  • Learn about germs. We frequently discuss germs and how they spread as a part of homeschool health. It's important to inform your children so they can make good decisions!
  • Healthy food equals healthy bodies! Get all those fruits and veggies into them that you can! The vitamins and minerals that are naturally in those foods will help their bodies fight away any germs they come in contact with!
  • Daily vitamins are great supplements especially in the cold months. Vitamin C comes in great gummy forms now that even the kids will love!
No one likes spending time in the doctor's office. Keeping your home supplies with medications, tissues, Lysol wipes, and healthy foods will keep those doctor's visits to a minimum! Take time now to prepare for the cold months and the colds that always come with it! If you shop for those items now, you can likely get them on sale with a coupon and you won't be stuck scrambling if a cough hits in the middle of the night. Also make sure to keep your doctor's office phone numbers and hours in a convenient place so they are ready if you need them!

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