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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Face Hates Most Products

My skin and I have a love/ hate relationship. I'm over 30 and now I'm dealing with acne (shouldn't this be gone by now??) and wrinkles (where'd those come from???). I was always under the misrepresentation that I'd have beautiful, flawless skin from 20-49. Sigh...... I was horribly misinformed. So I've tried lots of skin care products from the department store counters to the beauty aisle at the dollar store, I've tried almost all of them. The problem doesn't lie in just the acne/ wrinkles battle, I also have semi- sensitive skin. Whenever I've done a beauty quiz in a magazine, none of the answers exactly describe my skin. I have some oily and some dry areas (but not exactly in the T-Zone format) and I have some sensitive spots while other areas I could use an electric sander and be just fine.

When BzzAgent gave me the opportunity to try Burts Bees new Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin, I was onboard! I'm frugal and I don't enjoy plopping down money for products that may or may not work for my skin. I was so excited when I received a full size bottle of Facial Cleanser and a full size bottle of moisturizer! Now I was just wondering if it would work.......

The label says its made with all natural ingredients (99%) like Cotton Extract, Yucca, and Rice Extract. It's great to know I'm putting natural ingredients on my skin and not harsh chemicals formulated in a lab, but would it be strong enough to combat my acne? The first thing I noticed about the face was was consistency. It's very thick and creamy. As I applied it in the shower, I noticed there wasn't a lot of foamy lather but it smoothly spread all over my face. I washed with my fingertips and wondered whether it was working because there was no burn at all. When I got out of the shower my face felt clean but not tight like most cleansers leave it feeling. When I put the moisturizer on, it felt a little like Heaven- cool and refreshing but light. The moisturizer bottle is great too, it's a little pump bottle so there's no waste.

After using the wash and moisturizer all week, I am hooked! My skin feels and looks great! I had a sick child all week and a major lack of rest but my skin looks refreshed! These products are going to be great for anyone with sensitive or semi-sensitive skin! The line also includes Eye Cream (I've gotta get some!) and Night Cream. Each items is less than $15 and is available at Target and Walmart!

Burts Bees is a brand I've trusted my lips to for years, I'm excited to add more products from their company to my bathroom drawer. It's a long lasting company whose products aren't going to disappear tomorrow (like so many beauty products do). I know many of you suffer from sensitive skin or multiple skin issues like I do and I would gladly recommend Burts Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin to you. If you're ready to stop looking for the right products for your skin, look no further!

I'm a BzzAgent and I was given these free products for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. #imabzzagent

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