And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Elbows on the Table!

Life is busy and crazy and CHAOTIC! We want to teach our children so many things. I want them to be educated in Science, Literature, Mathmatics, the arts, and more. I want them to have a firm foundation of Biblical learning. I want them to play and understand sports. And in the midst of all of that, I want them to be well mannered. Manners are so overlooked in today's society. Parents are so overwhelmed with all the other calls of the world that manners have taken a seat in the caboose of this crazy train of life.

Because of this lack of manners, customer service has gone astray and strangers treat each other with disdain instead of respect and politeness. So many people in the world are all in a tizzy about "political correctness" but no one bemoans the lack of common courtesy for others in everyday life. Americans worry more about offending a specific race, gender, or lifestyle than offending people in their daily routines. Bad manners offend me! I do not want my children offending others by a rude mouth, a disrespect for elders, or a lack of common courtesy.

So how do I incorporate manners into our everyday learning? Well I like to think I exhibit good manners to my children on a daily basis. I wasn't necessarily "taught" manners as a child so sometimes I need some help. For Apple, now is the time that we are beginning to refine the things she has already learned. Now that she's 6 we can move beyond basic instruction and rules to more complex ideas. Enter 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know. 50 short, simple lessons on manners presented in a way that "young ladies" can grasp. I believe the recommended age is 8 and up but Apple is grabbing right on to this book.

I incorporated it into her homeschool time last week and she can't get enough! Each thought is presented in a short chapter and it's easy to understand. Each manner is also related to real life right now. Do you want your daughter to understand how to receive a gift, how to accept a compliment, and how to introduce a friend? Simple concepts but obviously often overlooked in teaching our children. Politeness should never die or disappear. Well mannered children will grow into well mannered adults that will have a better rate of success in their jobs, families, and futures. I love reviewing these ideas with Apple and I always enjoy a compliment from a stranger about my children's manners.

Now all we need is a book of 50 things every young man should know........

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  1. I whole heartedly agree! The very first sign both of my boys learned when they were babies was "please." We expect them to say it every time, no exception, and we hold ourselves to the same standard. The Golden Rule is a major fixture in our house too--it covers almost any situation! :)

  2. I would think military families do a great job of instilling manners and respect! It's just amazing to me how rude employees are at stores and restaurants. I would have been fired from any of my jobs if I acted like some of these people do but they are there time after time. We had a horrible experience at a restaurant yesterday and it was not just one employee but 4 being completely rude. I just don't understand it. So my kids get taught manners over and over and over again! :)


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