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Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Navy Activewear

Crowdtap and Old Navy sent me an AWESOME opportunity to try Old Navy's activewear! I received a pair of compression pants and a matching Go Dry tank. I am so impressed! I wore the outfit to Zumba tonight. I was a little nervous because usually I get way too hot when I wear pants to work out. I shouldn't have been worried. The compression pants are so thin and they wick away the moisture so I wasn't overheated at all (at least not from my clothes!). In Zumba we are constantly moving. There isn't a lot of repetitive motion, instead I'm bending, kicking, punching, lifting my arms, turning around, etc. That means most workout clothes require constant adjustment. This new outfit didn't require much adjustment at all. I've seen lots of talk about sizes on these new activewear pieces. I've put back on a couple of pounds and I wanted the outfit to be as modest as possible so I went up one size on the pants and top. I was pleased that I did. Everything was well covered but didn't seem slouchy. I will say the pants are about 2 inches too long. I can't really roll them up because of the material they are made of so I forsee that they will be worn in the very back from stepping on them. Here's a pic of my outfit! You can't see it here, but the top of the pants has some pink trim! I was sent a coupon to share also so one of my besties was able to try an outfit as well. She is an active Crossfit participant and she loves the Compression pants and Go Dry top too! Activewear is on sale this week at Old Navy so get you some!!! Wanna try great samples too? Check out Crowdtap! There is a direct link in the sidebar.

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  1. That does look like a nice outfit fora zumba class. Thanks for sharing about crowdtap alos. I have never heard of them.


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