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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Positive Game

I typically don't play games on Facebook but when I learned about A Better World, I was intrigued. This is a totally different game concept. It is what I consider a "living" game- one where you create a character and then play out scenarios via that character. A Better World embodies several different games in a new way. In this game, the goal isn't violence or mindless play, but positive attitudes and encouragement.

You create a character (avatar) complete with outfit, house, etc and then go about the village or town. There are 15 separate areas to play including your home, a chat room, a garden, and a Gratitude Grotto- a place to express things you are grateful for and to encourage others in the things they have gratitude about. The whole game focuses on expressing thanks, compassion, love, doing good, being postitive, etc. If you don't log on for a couple of days, you get a storm cloud over your character and must do extra positive things to get it to go away. The game isn't just about doing good online, it also encourages good in real life.

You get a Daily Bonus just for logging in and you can complete daily missions to earn Do-Good Gold. Your Do-Good Gold is usable throughout the game as a currency. Buy items for your house or garden or give a gift to a friend! Some features also use Facebook Credits. I think you could play A Better World for a very long time without getting bored. To get the most out of the features, get your friends to play with you!

I have enjoyed playing with my character Maggie. I think this would be a great game for the preteen and teen crowd. It has great features comparable to some of the other garden, pet, and life games. As with most Facebook games and apps, I did run into a few glitches. Most of the time exiting the game and re-entering took care of the problem. Do not expect this to be a Christian game. While it does incorporate many Christian ideals- charity, love, compassion, doing good- it has more of a new age positive feel to me. There are some "magical" qualities to the game. However I feel like it's a good game and does reinforce positive ideals. This game would be a great reminder to "do good" on a daily basis and it's fun to be rewarded online for good things!

You can find more screen shots here and a trailer for the game here. To find A Better World and play click here! After you play, come back and let me know what you think about the game! Be sure to check out the "Department of Do-Good" to tell what good you've done in real life and the Arcade to play some great games!

 "I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A BetterWorld. I received a $50 gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own."

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