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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Fun....and Movies Too!

Do you use Redbox? We do. We love renting the newest movies for a little more than a $1 a night. We don't get to go to the movie theater much anymore so as soon as Apple and Speedy realize a movie is on DVD, they can't wait to get their hands on it! We love to rent a movie before we buy it to make sure it's one we will allow them to watch again and again. It's also hard to beat the convenience of Redbox. We have 3 kiosks within 3 miles of our house so they're easy to pick up and drop off. I also love my Redbox app on my smartphone to check to see if the movie we want is available before we drive to the nearest location.

Now I'm not a big watcher of the movie awards that happen around this time of year but I'm sure a lot of you are. Redbox has a fun new Facebook game called Redbox Movie Awards. This little app is easy to use, fun, and you could win FREE Redbox rentals for 1 month, 2 or even 3 years! WOW! What a great deal that would be! The game is simple,  you select pick your choices for the upcoming movie awards. I just played and it only took me a few minutes to complete! Use this link to play!

Smiley360 and Redbox are graciously giving away 1 night DVD rentals to 3 Carter Chaos readers! Fill out the simple Rafflecopter form below for your chance at one of these codes! Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the form and follow the rules!

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  1. I rented 50/50 and paranormal activity 3

  2. Real steel
    Good movie

  3. The last movie I rented was on 1/19/12 and it was 'Monte Carlo'.

  4. Cowboys and Aliens and I watched it with my boys. They thought it was scary, but exciting.

  5. Last rented Planet of the Apes Rises

  6. Last one was Cowboys and Aliens, we saw it in theater & wanted to see it again :)

  7. Last movies we rented were Colombiana and The Hangover II. LOVED both of them! Zoe Saldana is bad ass ;)


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