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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Fave Netflix Shows!

Netflix is so wonderful! No commercials, we can handpick what our children watch, we can pause, start, or stop anytime we want, and it's so affordable! My personal favorite feature is that I can watch episode after episode of a show without waiting a week or a month or a season to find out what happens next! The only downside to Netflix is that occassionally we run out of things to watch! Seems impossible with all the choices but it does happen. Right now we are waiting on new episodes of several shows to be added so we can jump back into them. Just for fun I thought I'd share with you our favorite shows to watch on Netflix (maybe this will help you if you're looking for something new to enjoy!):

The very first show Hubby and I watched from episode 1 together, Law & Order SVU drew us in. We have always liked crime shows and the cast of this one got us! We love Benson and Stabler and hated Casey Novak together. We cried when Alexandra Cabot was killed (we rejoiced later! ;). It was amazing how quickly we made it through over 200 episodes. We rarely catch the newest episodes on TV since they air on Wednesday night but we look forward to the newest seasons coming to Netflix.

We actually own the first 4 seasons of The Office on DVD but we got Netflix around the time we were looking at buying season 5. Instead of buying it, we just watched it! The Office is still one of our favorite sitcoms and while I've tried to keep up with the newer episodes, it'll be so much easier when they are added to our Instant Queue. The Office will never be the same without Michael but I'm not ready to end my "relationship" with Jim and Pam just yet.

Mad Men.......that's all I can say about that.

So this one night I was whining on Facebook about being out of shows to watch and my wacky friend Randa recommended Raising Hope. I watched the first episode and decided Randa was even wackier than I though because the first episode is .....well.....pretty stupid. However I decided when I was very bored the next night to try just one more episode and it was HILARIOUS! In a very non-intelligent, redneck, this stuff could really happen and vaguely reminds me of my childhood sort of way, it is funny. I told my Mom and stepdad to watch it to see if it reminded them of my childhood too....they didn't think it was very funny. PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON MAWMAW!

We liked Everybody Loves Raymond so we decided to try 'Til Death. The first set of episodes are really funny. The relationship between the Woodcocks and the Starks makes the show. Then in the middle of the episode list things get wonky and shows are backwards and new characters appear out of nowhere and the Woodcocks disappear. That is one bad thing about not following shows when they appear on TV. You get lost if a show is cancelled and then brought back with a different format. We tried a couple of episodes after the Woodcocks mysteriously vanished, but the humor was gone and the storylines were lame.

Downton Abbey is a show that EVERYONE has been talking about and I refused to watch. I mean it's PBS and probably requires lots of thought, right? WRONG! This show is fantastic! I loved the 7 episodes on Netflix and I've been holding my breath from Sunday to Sunday waiting for the newest episodes. All in all this is an English soap opera set in the early 1900s but it is so good! The characters are well developed and so are the plots. Don't miss a glance, a word, or a gesture- they all mean something! The characters grow and progress from episode to episode but I'm not so quick to forget their original natures- I still think everything Edith does has spite in it! You will not be disappointed if you watch Downton Abbey. Hubby even watches with me!

We watched several episodes of 24. Let me just say, this show is much too intense to watch episode after episode. After the kids go to bed, Hubby and I like to watch a couple of hours of TV while we talk and spend time together. Most of the shows above work great to watch a couple of episodes each night. 24 does not. It's just overwhelming and honestly after the first season we were rolling our eyes. Something about watching them back to back makes all the murder, kidnapping, and intrigue just come across as silly and overdone. We may return to it someday but we left in the middle of season 2.

Law & Order, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent just don't hold a candle to SVU. Law & Order began sooooo long ago that it's funny. We just couldn't relate to the characters of those two shows like we did Benson and Stabler. In the crime genre, I also began watching Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. I love Criminal Minds and it isn't on Netflix so I thought this would be a good substitute. I knew Penelope was on this spin off too. I watched the whole thing (I think 13 episodes) and was stunned by the cliffhanger at the end. I started searching online to see if there was somewhere I could find the conclusion to the cliffhanger dismay I found out it was cancelled (although I could see why) and the conclusion never aired. Sigh.....wish I would have known that before I watched them all.

Hubby has also enjoyed Top Shot, MacGyver, The A-Team, and Swamp People. I passed on those. I've enjoyed Hoarders, Hoarding: Buried Alive, and we've found tons of movies on streaming for the whole family.

Shows I would love to see added to Netflix: The Middle, Criminal Minds, Golden Girls, and Castle. Seriously Netflix, I NEED those shows! :)

What are your favorite Netflix shows and movies? We are always looking for new ones! Currently we are working our way through Bones.

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  1. So glad you're loving Downton Abbey! And you def. need to watch The Middle, it is hilarious!


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