And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Things have been so crazy around here that I haven't posted many personal updates. I have a few minutes in my schedule right now so here goes a long, rambling misc. update. :)

Speedy is officially a Kindergartner! Woohoo! He did so great this past school year. I was impressed that he was able to focus and set still when it was necessary. The last 2 months I did allow him to keep a ball at his desk to squeeze if he was feeling the need to wiggle. He didn't use it much and it wasn't a big distraction so he will keep it next year. He completed Math U See Primer and about 2/3 of Hooked on Phonics K (he already completed HOP PreK). We will try to finish up the HOP K this summer because I want it to stay fresh in his mind. He was just beginning to get the feel of it and I don't want him to lose that. He also did work in handwriting, history, and Bible. Speedy's big plans for the summer include basketball camp, making a rocket with our homeschool group, VBS, swimming, and we are looking into a martial arts type class for him.

Apple is officially a 3rd grader!! So proud of her! She struggled woefully through subtraction and Math U See Beta but this girl can multiply like crazy! She has decided math is her favorite subject since beginning Math U See Gamma. She is a little more than halfway through Gamma and will be working to finish it up over the summer as well as a little extra work on the writing basics. She completed the Little House on the Prairie series and a reading, english, history, and health curriculum along with finishing 2 Bible devotionals and 3 manners books. She is already flying though her summer reading list (Thanks again Tammy!) beginning with The Invention of Hugo Cabret and the first 2 books of the 39 Clues series. Apple is looking forward to basketball camp, VBS, the summer reading program at the local library, music camp, and spending time with her bestie this summer.

It is looking like fall will be a bit different for us this year. As we look forward to beginning a new homeschool year, we will participate in soccer again and Apple will be doing her choir class and possibly an additional choir opportunity. Hubby is looking at some intensive training related to his job this fall and we are all hoping to simply enjoy ourselves.

What are your big summer plans? Are there any great books we should add to Apple's summer reading list? She goes through about a book a day so we always need to have plenty lined up!

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