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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Private Selection, Best Price

Growing up I always associated the store labels or generic items with low quality and bad taste. Come on you remember it too, your mom would get a box of store brand cereal and it never tasted anything like the name brand. Things sure have come a long way. In the last few years not only have I noticed store brands can be just as good but sometimes they are even BETTER! Kroger's own Private Selection label is a great example. They have quality products that taste great, are packaged in a pleasing way, and are way cheaper than those name brands.

As a BzzAgent, I had the opportunity to try Private Selection Kettle Chips, Private Selection Angus ground beef, Private Selection ice cream, and Private Selection pie. Right now our Kroger stores are in a bit of upheaval as the store closest to my home has closed and employees and products have been shipped to the other 3 stores in town so I had a bit of trouble getting my hands on all the products. We weren't able to try them all at the same time but we enjoyed every one of them as we got to eat them. We started with the Private Selection kettle chips. Now my hubby's favorite happen to be the salt & pepper name brand chips so we were excited to get that flavor. I'll let the picture tell the story.....

Next we had the ice cream. We tried the Double Vanilla flavor. I guess it was good. By the time I came back with the camera it was all gone! Hubby and Papaw said it was very tasty. I'm going to have to get my hands on some of that!

The Angus ground beef made excellent burgers on the grill! It was the perfect summer dinner with the kids. Speedy loves a good burger and he's a tough critic. He said it was just right. Get the recipe here for Morroccan Burgers with Mint-Pepper Glaze.

The pie was the last item I had to look for. It took several trips to the store but I finally snagged one! I had a hard time choosing between the peach pie and the cherry but I went with the cherry. Speedy's 5th birthday party was this past weekend so I set the pie out with all the other goodies. It disappeared! I was able to get a taste of it and I was very impressed. It was just as tasty as homemade. I will definately be picking up the peach pie next time I see one in the store!

So next time you hit your local Kroger, take a gander around. You will see the Private Selection label on many aisles. Give it a try. You will save some $$ and please your taste buds!

I received free samples as a BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.

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