And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gotta Get Moving!

I mentioned in my last post that we begin homeschool on this week. Looks like my 5-hour ENERGY samples came just in time! Now y'all know I'm a coffee girl through and through but in the middle of a 100 degree day when I'm in a hurry and just need a quick pick me up, 5-hour ENERGY is my new way to go. They are small, lightweight, inexpensive, and come in new Berry and Pomegranate flavors. I'll be honest, the Pomegranate is not my favorite flavor. It is a little too sweet and the taste is a little too strong. A bottle of 5-hour ENERGY is really just one big drink so it's easy enough to get past the flavor but the Berry version is a much better taste.

10 reasons to try 5-hour ENERGY®:
  • Groggy mornings
  • The afternoon lull
  • Long hours on your feet
  • Shift work
  • Long drives
  • Busy weekends
  • Action-packed vacations
  • Workouts
  • Overtime
  • Business travel
7 reasons to trust 5-hour ENERGY®:
  • People choose 5-hour ENERGY® over 9 million times a week
  • Key ingredients are available in everyday food
  • Packed with B-vitamins and nutrients
  • Contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee
  • Manufactured and bottled in the USA
  • Complies with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated by the FDA
  • 5-hour ENERGY® is in its 8th year of helping hard working people feel alert and energized.

5-hour ENERGY(R)

Even better than the burst of energy I get, 5-hour ENERGY is giving away 2 gift cards to bloggers like me participating in this Smiley360 mission. You can help my chances of winning one of these $500 gift cards by following this link to learn more about Smiley360 and to vote for me! Please consider voting and then sharing the link with your Twitter and Facebook followers! You can find 5-hour ENERGY on Facebook and check out their website to learn more about the energy boosting little bottle.

I am on a Smiley360 mission which gives me free samples in return for honest reviews of products. All opinions are my own.  

Little Artists

Ahh the summer has so quickly passed us by. Our school year begins Wednesday and I just shake my head and wonder where those long lazy weeks went because we were BUSY BUSY BUSY the last 8 weeks. Busier than we are during our school year. Crazy stuff. However I can be thankful that we have an exciting new art curriculum to use this term. Apple is so artistically minded and I just can't help her much in that area of study. My drawings are limited to stick people and square houses. (Maybe I should be the one using this DVD!)

Steps4Kids is back with another fantastic DVD curriculum. As with all their items, Draw is terrific for homeschoolers but could be applicable for any children that want further study in an area. My kids love DVD format curriculums because they feel like they are watching TV, not doing school. They seem to learn well by DVD as they are able to pay attention without getting bored and they retain the knowledge because they have so many visual reminders.

Draw is wonderful. It was named "DVD of the Year" by Creative Child Magazine. There are several categories to choose from like people, animals, and shapes. That makes the art lessons applicable for various ages. Within each category kids can pick the lesson they want to focus on for that lesson and each one only takes a few minutes. At the end the children feel so rewarded with their new artwork. Apple quickly took her first page of animals and stuck it on the fridge.

Speedy has not shown much interest in drawing in the past but I'm excited for him to start with the shapes and move through the different lessons. We will be fitting this art DVD into our school week at least once a week. These are great lessons they can do between other subjects for a few minutes of "fun time." 

You can find out more about Steps4Kids on their Facebook page and on their website. You can also check out my review of their Modern Manuscript DVD here. For a limited time, Steps4Kids is offering a discount to Carter Chaos readers. Check out their website and if you make a purchase of $10 or more, you can receive a 30% discount by using the code blogn30. The code is valid through the end of August. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Get your Pooch its own Plush!

Do you have a special pup in your family? We do, our pet Faith is a beautiful and wonderful part of our family. She is GIGANTIC but thinks she is a lap dog. We love her so much and she brings us such joy. Of course we think she's the most beautiful dog ever!

GUND is showing some love to puppies by holding a special TOP DOG contest. The Grand Prize winner will have a special GUND plush made in its likeness that will be available in store in 2013! How cool is that?
There are 4 categories:  Most Beautiful Dog, Ugliest Dog, “Doganista”/Best Dressed Dog, & Dog that Most Resembles its Owner. 

I know you're ready to enter your own pet so here's how:

Enter on the GUND Facebook page from now until August 15. Winners will be chosen via voting from August 6- August 20 and the winner will be announced the week of August 27.

Are you on Pinterest? If so make sure to add look for us via the link in the side bar and check out another great GUND promotion happening!

"Simultaneously with the Top Dog” Contest on Facebook,GUND will run the “Most Pinteresting Dog” Contest on Pinterest. Consumers will be asked to post their entry on their own pages, “tag” @GUNDMostPinterestingDog and submit the linkto GUND at The “Most Pinteresting Dog” Contest winner will be selected based on the number of times the entry is “liked” on the GUND Pinterest board and the winner will receive a selection of GUND products valued at $250 retail.
For complete rules, see Top Dog” Contest and Most Pinteresting Dog” Contest rules at" 

Make sure to comment here after you enter your puppy so we can vote with you!

Information and photo above was obtained by Child's Play Communication. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Be Honest & #Win Some Purex!

Purex has a full line of funny short videos in their Let's Be Honest series. I laughed out loud at several of them but the one above is Speedy's favorite. He and Apple both thought it was pretty funny! Purex wants you to watch some of their funny videos and tell us which one was your favorite!!!! They will reward 3 lucky winners with 1 coupon each for a FREE bottle of new Purex Triple Action detergent! I love Purex and of course FREE is always best! So to get started, go and watch the Let's Be Honest videos. Come back here and leave a comment telling me which video is your favorite. That will give you 1 entry in the giveaway. To earn extra entries you can like, share, and retweet your favorite Let's be Honest video!! Come back and let me know which you did and you can earn an extra entry for each one! So you can get up to 4 entries for your shot at free detergent!!!! This has to close on July 19 so get started today!!!! Each video is only about 30 seconds so it won't take long!! This giveaway is being brought to you by Purex. Find out more about Purex at! This giveaway is for residents of the continental US only and Carter Chaos is not responsible for prizes that are not delivered. All entries will be verified so be honest! Google

Sunday, July 8, 2012

That Again??

These are my babies whom I love so very, very much. I would endure anything for them. I had long, uncomfortable pregnancies with both of them and short but painful deliveries with them. We suffered through sleepless nights, potty training, and more. I'd do it all over again in a second..............

But...... I really, really, really am tried of defending our decision to homeschool. I know as long as we do it, the controversy will never really end. I expect it from strangers or people we have just met. We even are at a church now where we are the only homeschoolers. We deal with it pretty well most of the time. But really yesterday just got on my nerves. Now if you read my previous post you know I'm under some stress and yesterday was just a very hard day for me anyway but when a distant relative made a very blunt comment that we just needed to enroll them in public school, I almost lost it. Like explode, blast out an elder, kind of losing it. I kept my cool and I'm very glad that I did but it made me so *ANGRY*.

I never, ever try to tell anyone else what they should do with their children. I support friends and family members no matter which path they chose. I expect the same respect for our decision. Now the sane side of me says this older lady is from a different generation and doesn't see us enough to know how well adjusted our children are or to see how very smart they are. I can come up with all kinds of excuses for her comment but honestly the real me is still fuming. Because the comments were so unexpected and the situation was already so stressful I just fumbled out a few words and walked away.

Sigh. My children are VERY socialized. They don't spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in a small room with the same 25 people everyday. We have a varied schedule and many, many friends, activities, and experiences throughout our school days. We are able to spend more time with family and working on the activities we think are the most important. We aren't social pariahs. My kids play soccer and do choir and camps and other activities with children in our own neighborhood and at the college across town. We recently changed churches but we still have fun with our friends from our previous church and now we are involved in activities in the church we currently attend. We also do a Science co-op with a big group of children of various ages that are from various neighborhoods and backgrounds. We have friends all over the world and we aren't in a "bubble."

My children learn at their pace and their own level. My 7 year old is a 3rd grader and reading on a 6th grade level. I think she's learning plenty. My 5 yr old son is well on his way to reading and he is as "normal" as they come. One of my children is outspoken and passionate about everything, one is shy and reserved and loves to observe. One is great at reading, one is great at math. One loves art, music, and drama while the other loves sports and sci-fi. One sleeps a lot, one sleeps a little, one eats a lot, one eats a little.

My children are children. It doesn't matter where they spend their days learning. They are bright beautiful children who genuinely love the Lord. They are bold in their testimonies, bold in their prayers, and confident in themselves. They are wonderful and they are mine and they make me so very proud. The Lord has led us to homeschool and we will follow Him. We will press on and we will endure ugly comments. We will homeschool and we will be proud of it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stress, for Real

I'm sick. Blah. I've been sick since Wednesday. Have I been to the doctor you ask? Well. No. I mean the clinic is allll the way across town and it's been about 105 everyday and my kids are ALWAYS with me and last time I got sick like 2 years ago I took them with me and it wasn't a fun experience so I've chosen not to relive it. This is like the worst sinus infection ever. With achy body and chills and sweat and soooooore throat. Ugh. Over the counter meds have helped in a minor way.

I decided today that going to the doctor probably wouldn't help anyway. I've decided it's physical ailment brought on by emotional distress. See we have been EXTREMELY busy. It's crazy! And I keep looking at the calendar and we only have about 3 weeks of summer left and we've barely done any of the summer school activities I've had planned and it doesn't feel like I've had a break at all (I mean shouldn't the teacher get a break?!?!), and we didn't get to take our trip to the beach this year and......... let's leave this for a minute so I can breath.

My baby turned 5 last week. 5! And he's my last baby and now he isn't a baby anymore. Sob. I'm so so so proud of him and who he is and I wanted to sob at both of his birthday parties but it seemed highly inappropriate because A) he's a boy and B) he's not a baby anymore! Gasp, wheeze, sob, sniff, sniff. He's such a big boy now.

Last week was also the anniversary of my dad's passing and that's just hard. I keep expecting it to be easier and in some ways it is but in many ways it's a little harder every year because there are so many things he's missed. Like Speedy turning 5! Sob.

My granddady got married today. He's so much more than a granddaddy. I lived with he and my grandma for many years and we have a very special relationship. I'm so glad he found someone who makes him happy and I like her very much but...... she isn't my grandma. I don't think she would ever want to take her place and the wedding was nice and I was so glad to be there (even though I was sick) but it made me miss my grandma soooooo much. It made my kids miss grandma too. Especially Apple. She made several comments about her throughout the day. One of those times when I couldn't make her feel any better, I just had to hurt along side her. Bless her though, she's so mature even at 7 that she held it together and only whispered quiet words to me. The drama queen really can hold it together when it's really important. Which is fantastic considering I wanted to have a come apart a few times!

You ever wonder what everyone would do if you just totally FREAKED out at a completely inappropriate time? (Cause let's face it, we all FREAK out a little every once in awhile.) I've imagined those scenarios several times in the last couple of weeks. Good thing Jesus is the Prince of Peace and He imparts a little upon my heart in those extreme moments.

My life is so blessed, so very blessed, but I am the queen of holding it all in so sometimes, when I'm STRESSED, for real, it all comes together in something like a week long horrible bout of sinus issues. Or it could just be I have a sinus infection because I live in an area that is in dusty, dry drought with about 2 weeks of 100+ temps. Either way.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Love Bibles!

When I was growing up we always had a Bible or two in the house but my family didn't frequently go to church so the first Bible I remember owning was one that I purchased myself in high school. After I was baptized that year the church I attended gave me an even nicer Bible. I really cherished them both! At college I bought a paperback study Bible and used it for classes until it fell apart! Really nice Bibles tend to be pricey but I so cherish them! There is nothing quite like a Bible. Holding God's word in our hands is such a supernatural experience. Hubby & I have definately passed our awe of the Bible on to our kids. Apple and Speedy chose to use their own money to buy a Bible each just last week. They love having them in every room too!

I was so excited when I recently received The Henry Morris Study Bible. It's big and hardback and it's in the King James Version- a version I love but that I rarely buy anymore. It really is a wonderful work. It's HUGE and it has 2 built-in ribbon bookmarks. Many times when I'm reading the Bible I long for extra bookmarks! Really I feel like every page deserves it's own! Of course that would defeat the purpose of a bookmark.......

If you are looking for a Bible that will help you delve deeper into the word, that will give you the extra explanations you long for, that will answer some of your questions, this is the one. This Bible is like a playbook. It gives you references to other passages, meanings of phrases, background to people, and more. The words of Jesus are highlighted in red (shouldn't that be a requirement in every Bible) and there is a gigantic Appendix at the back. This Bible would make a beautiful gift for any Christian.

You can find more information from New Leaf Publishing. I received a copy of this Bible from New Leaf Publishing for the purpose of this review. A positive review was not required and all opinions are my own.

Cindy Woodsmall does it again! In The Scent of Cherry Blossoms, we are drawn deep into the story of Annie and Aden. A Mennonite lady and an Amish man drawn together by love but separated by religions and cultures. They are pushed apart by everyone around them from her grandfather Moses to his twin Roman. Will their romance ever push past all the obstacles?

This love story is short but filled with beautiful descriptions. I was so drawn into the story by the word imagery of sights and sounds.I could almost smell the cherry blossoms myself. I also wanted to taste all the food described at the cafe! The story of Aden and Annie is a sweet one. If anything, the story ended too soon. I longed to hear a little more of their lives.

You can find Cindy Woodsmall on Facebook to find out more about all of her wonderful books.

I received a copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.