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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My #VueParty

If you read my post here then you know I was am a VERY EXCITED House Party Keurig Vue Party recipient. Tonight was the big night! What a perfect setting, the first day of fall, perfect weather, grilled hot dogs, chili, and loads of sweet tea, hot chocolate, and coffee fresh from my new Keurig Vue! We had so many wonderful friends come to join us, and I think everyone had a great time!

Keurig and House Party provided us with a new Vue brewer, 6 boxes of iced tea, coffee, and iced coffee Vue cups, mints, cookies, cups, napkins, an apron, 2 Brew Over Ice tumblers, and more! Hubby and I provided grilled hot dogs and chili with the fixings and the families that joined us brought sides and desserts. We had so much good food!

 Cappuccino- can't make that with the original Keurig.

 It even made Toad happy! Now that's a special machine!
 Rap Master J enjoying a steamy cup of goodness!

As the guests arrived, some tucked into the Vue right away. The biggest question of the night was "What is the difference between a regular Keurig and the Vue?" My response "Customization." I had my "regular" Keurig out to so it was easy to point out the big differences. The choices on the original are 6 oz or 8 oz cup.  The choices on the Vue seem endless! Control the temperature, change the options for brewing over ice, brewing tea, brewing coffee, or brewing hot cocoa. On a Vue you can use the clock and timer options that weren't available on the original. You can also HEAR the difference in the brewing processes. I was able to compare K Cups to Vue cups and show them where the "pods" are pierced with each machine. Everyone was so excited to try the Vue out themselves!

From babies to Papaw, we had 31 guests. The kids were able to try the tea and hot chocolate. The overwhelming response was YUM!

Now you can check out my first post to see the blow by blow comparison but I want to update my original opinion. After using the Vue brewer for a couple of weeks, I'd say it is head and shoulders above the original. There are so many great options. My favorite feature is definately the clock/ timer setting. Nothing like having it ready to go when I wake up. I complained about the noise in the first post but honestly after having it awhile, it doesn't seem any louder. I am looking forward to the Vue becoming more main stream so there will be coupons available for Vue cups and the cups will be offered in more places. With the impending changes to a certain coffeehouse's gift card program, my Vue is gonna get plenty of use!

Perhaps we shouldn't have given coffee to the baby or the dog......

It was a WONDERFUL party! Thanks to my great friends and a special thanks to House Party and Keurig!

I received a free party pack from House Party and Keurig. I was not required to write a blog post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. M looks like, "Seriously, leave me alone with my coffee." Great party, Edie! :) Thanks for inviting us!


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