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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Need a Great Holiday Dress?

So once again Old Navy and Crowdtap hooked me up! And a friend! We were able to go into the local ON and pick a dress. Now this is HUGE for me right now! My hubby graduates from his intensive training very soon and I feel so blessed to have a wonderful new dress to wear to this momentous occasion. One of the things I love most about the Sample & Share opportunities from Old Navy is that I try on so many things that I would normally skip right over. On a normal shopping trip I am rushing in and grabbing whatever I know will fit me and will look decent.

For the Sample & Share opps, I send the kids to Nonna's and I go take my time trying on as much as I want. A great example is this little black dress. I typically veer away from any tops or dresses with a belt. I've never had one look good on me so it seems silly to even try them on. But I had plenty of time the night BFF J & I went so I decided to take the chance. Look how cute it looked:

It ended up being one of the ones in my final selection pile! Now I was disappointed that the local ON didn't have ANY of the gorgeous maxi dresses that I had seen at I am not a fan of my legs and y'all know I stress over modesty so I really wanted to try some of them on. Please forgive my photo quality. I know it's less than perfect. BFF J did have her little buddy with her so we were limited on extra hands to take photos!

I tried on this little black number with the cowl neck also. I didn't like the neck on it. It was an abundance of fabric. BFF J said the same thing when she was looking at them.

Here she is in a blue number that is the same style as earlier one with the skinny belt. 

This was the basic selection at the store that evening. Definately not as many as we had seen online. We were still able to try on 6-8 each.

Here is another skinny belt dress that I tried. The color makes a HUGE difference. I did not like the way this one looked AT ALL. It went immediately to the discard pile.

They had this dress in several colors. I liked the color and I liked the fit but the material was too thin and it was clingy. 

 See the twins? Well actually these are the dresses that we both got! 
We laughed at ourselves, tried to pick others, and came to the conclusion that we would just 
 make sure that we didn't wear them at the same times. If the selection had been larger, I'm certain we would have chosen different styles/ colors. However it wasn't and we just decided to make the best of it. I'm getting leggings to wear with mine that I will pair with either boots or flats. I love the dress! I'm looking forward to wearing it to hubby's graduation and Apple's choir concert.

We loved our night at Old Navy! I can hardly wait for the next Sample & Share! It's always so much fun to browse the whole store. I was surprised to see a great new jewelry selection in the store. They had some really fun, classy pieces.

Now while you are checking out all the fun dresses we tried on if you see any that you LOVE, make sure to check out Today and tomorrow (11/25 & 11/26) you can get 30% off your order with the code "CYBER."

I received a free dress and a free dress for a friend from Old Navy and Crowdtap. I was not required to write a positive blog post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love our socks! LOL! ;) I had lots of fun and love our twinkie dresses! :)Thank you BFF!


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