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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner with a Twist

 Each year we try to incorporate something new into our Thanksgiving meal. We have our staples- turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, corn, rolls, sweet potatos,etc- but we like to try a little something different to keep it interesting. Who knew I could spice up our relish/ garnish tray this year? And on the cheap! Kroger's Private Selection label helped me do just that. I started with their premium stuffed olives. I had a hard time choosing between the garlic stuffed olives, blue cheese stuffed olives, and the jalapeno stuffed olives. Hubby loves a little spice so I went for the jalapeno stuffed olives and that set the whole trend of the try! Next I added some Buffalo Monterey Jack Cheese from the deli. I simply broke it in half to make triangles and in the tray it went with the stuffed olives, regular olives, Private Selection Classic Water Crisps, and some gherkin pickles.

The tray looked great and the foods tasted even better! The tray created lots of buzz around the tables as we were eating. The overall consensus was a thumbs up! Many were surprised at the smooth flavor of the jalapeno stuffed olives and the cheese. The kids snagged most of the crackers and regular olives.  Everyone was surprised that such fancy foods came from the Private Selection label and they were all excited to hear about the low prices.

Dinner was topped off with dessert (of course!) and coffee. Now many of you know I am a Keurig Vue obsessed coffee fan BUT for this meal to be economical I had to put my Vue away. With a crowd of 25 we drank a LOT of coffee during our Phase 10 tournament. Thankfully I pulled out my old loyal coffee pot and some Private Selection Costa Rican Tarrazu ground coffee. The smell was fantastic and the taste was great! Again everyone was so surprised it was the Private Selection label.

We have several gatherings coming up in the month of December. I will definately be utilizing Private Selection items to save my budget but keep things on the classy end!

I received free products because I am a BzzAgent. I was not required to write a positive review.

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