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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Time for Those New Year's Resolutions

Whew. Times have been stressful and my waistline has suffered terribly. With soccer, hubby away at training, holidays, and more, I've spent almost no time at Zumba and way too much time at the table. Thankfully Old Navy and Crowdtap have come to my rescue again! I was able to participate in the Sweat it Out in Old Navy Activewear Sample and Share. I received a coupon for myself and one for a friend to pick out a new Activewear outfit at our local Old Navy.

I picked my mama as my guest this time. She hasn't had much time for Zumba either and I wanted us both to feel encouraged to get back in the routine. We had a great time together that day. We headed out sans kids for a nice leisurely Chinese lunch. It was a great time to reconnect in this busy season. Then we headed over to the local ON to check out the Activewear selection. I had tried on some workout tops during my dress sample and share. I was crossing my fingers that they would still have them in stock.

I was thrilled with the selection! The Activewear section was rocking with choices! I was really impressed with all the styles of cute jackets and sports bras. If my budget wasn't so thin for Christmas I definitely would've picked up one of each of those. I love that their styles this season are less form fitting. So many of the shirts were a loose fit. That's great for those of us that want to be cool and comfy while we workout but still be modest! My mom found a great tee style top. I wish the local store had these wide-leg yoga pants but they are available online only. However I was THRILLED that the shirts I had been eyeing were still in stock. So we snatched up a pile of clothes each and headed to the dressing rooms. I know you can't wait to see more of my famous dressing room self-portraits! :)

 My selections. I did LOVE them all!

First try. The pants were a bit too snug. I LOVED the color of    this top but the style wasn't the best for me.

Next outfit. These are different pants but they look the same. I really liked this top but it was actually too big. The arm holes were enormous.

Okay you can't see my top very well but this is the one I was looking for. It has a drawstring bottom and is very loose in the chest and stomach areas.

 Here it is again but with compression capris this time. LOVE! Purple is my all time favorite color so I couldn't pass up this combo!

My mama and I in our return to Zumba! 

All in all it was another great trip to Old Navy! The staff was friendly and helpful. The store was clean and well stocked. The clothes are always great quality and the sales make all the difference. There's still time to head to your local Old Navy or their website to make final Christmas selections or get a jump start on your resolution gear. Make sure to sign up for Old Navy's emails to get their deals to your inbox. 

I received an Old Navy coupon from Crowdtap for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.

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