And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Thursday, December 27, 2012


A friend posted this verse to Facebook earlier today:

Isaiah 43:18-19

18 “Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
19 See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

What a great verse for the New Year. I pondered on it most of the day today. I really, really like it for this time of renewal and fresh beginnings. God is telling us something important in that verse. However the longer I considered it, the more a new thought occurred to me. 

Each year I make resolutions for the New Year. Some of you scoff but I love the fresh new pages of the calendar, the possibility of a whole new unwritten year stretched out before us, and I typically feel more open minded at the beginning of each year. So I pray and generally God gives me a word for each year. I don't have my new word for 2013 yet but I have been praying and pondering. 

So as I pondered today I felt the pressing importance of learning from last year. I think it's important to make those resolutions, dust off your feet, and begin anew BUT right before you do isn't it important to look back to see what last year taught you? If you look at the verse above you might be tempted to plow ahead without considering your failures and successes of 2012. I think that would be unwise. If you don't take time to reflect you may just relive a new version of 2012 in 2013. Not wise.

So what did I learn in 2012? 
  • To trust my instincts. God gave me a sense of discernment. It's important. I should listen to it often. Typically my first feeling is the right one. When I don't listen, heartache is sure to follow.
  • Don't beat the dead horse. This was a big one. And I learned it quickly. Some around me didn't get it as fast. DON'T BEAT THE DEAD HORSE. It will not change a thing. It will only waste precious time God has given us.
  • Things can change in an instant. I should know that right? I think I have to relearn it almost yearly. Maybe I got it for good this time. Things can change in an instant. It's beyond our control. Good thing I know God's got my back!
  • Chill out. I suck at this one. I've got to chill out. The terrible things I imagine usually don't happen. I've been clenching my teeth so tightly at night that I'm having daily jaw pain. I'm even stressed in my sleep. No wonder I'm always so tired. Chill out. Chill out. Take a chill pill. Frankie says relax. Chill out.
  • My kids are no longer babies. Sob. I've had to move from the "You're my baby and this is what I will do for you" to the "You're my big girl/ big boy and let me teach you to do that yourself." I mean we've been there awhile but Speedy is not a baby anymore. Sob. 
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Paraphrase Phil. 4:13) Seriously! I should give myself more props. I made it 10 weeks with Hubby gone! PS Have I mentioned how grateful I am to have him home? Seriously.

So there ya go. Not an exhaustive list but enough to show you I did learn a few things. And I'm looking forward to an amazing 2013!

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