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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Smack #IASchildless

This is the first of 4 posts I will write this week based on the new devotional Live Second. To learn more about Live Second or I am Second click the links. 

Week 2: Day 2 Childless

Childless is a short passage focused on Abram in Genesis 15: 1-3 and his frustration that God's promise of an heir had not yet culminated. 

"Too often we
hide our needs or emotions from God. Angry about losing a job,
frustrated with a family member, hurt by a friend, worried about
money, we come to God with if-it’s-your-wills and if-you-pleases.
Nothing is hidden from God." (Live Second, pg 10)

Sometimes you just have to laugh when God puts something like this in front of you and it feels like a smack on the head. We all have struggles that we've tried to be "correct" about rather than being honest with God. I always feel like I'm asking for too much when I just really tell God how I feel. Or I feel like I'm being ungrateful about all the wonderful blessing I've been given if I ask for something else. It doesn't matter if it makes me uncomfortable, God knows my heart. Sometimes even though He knows He waits on us to ASK. To get on our knees, put our feelings aside, and tell Him how we are feeling. 

Today think of the one BIG thing that you are struggling with right now. Ponder it, figure out how you really feel about it, then get on your knees and pour your heart out to God. Tell Him all about it. Put aside any worries you have about what He will think (because He already knows) and lay it all out there. I'll be praying for you. Can you pray for me too? 

I received a copy of Live Second as part of a blogging group for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I know that I have to cast our cares on him, to often I try to pick them up but it does me know good. God is a good God and I know that the devil will try to do all he can to prevent me spending that special time with the Father. Therefore it is of the utmost importance for me to be in God's word and developing my relationship with him.
    I will be praying for you.


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