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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Desperately Seeking

We all have something that drives us. Some search that we've embarked upon. Maybe you are seeking marriage, money, a career, children, travel, or excitement. You might be in a place where you throw your whole life into that search without abandon. You think of that goal from the time you wake up until the time you lay your head down at night. Every task you perform throughout the day is done with consideration to its effect on your quest. Tiffany Dawn was on a quest. Her goal was beauty. She gave everything she had in an effort to attain what she considered a beautiful exterior. Her desperate search overcame her. When she was at rock bottom, broken, unsure what to do, God spoke to her heart. He reminded her that she was His beloved. And her healing began......

Tiffany Dawn bravely takes us through her journey in her new book The Insatiable Quest for Beauty. She opens her heart and lets us in through "Coffee Dates", passages from her old journals, and a special CD of songs she wrote and sang to accompany the book. Her story is familiar. Which of us has not struggled with insecurity? As women we seem most affected by the thoughts of others. I too easily recall the feelings of being ridiculed by others and by myself for my weight, my clothes, and my makeup. Even as a grown up I dealt with those issues in the workplace. As women we tend to be the most critical of ourselves and others. You would think we would band together to remind each other of our inward and outward beauty but instead dissatisfaction with ourselves leads us to be cruel to one another, even those we call friend. As Tiffany Dawn points out, "Our entire culture has become perfection-driven. The people we are seeing are not real people. They're all made up to look perfect, when people are not perfect." (The Insatiable Quest for Beauty)

I was just discussing that with some friends a week or so ago. I noted the change in television shows and movies from the 80s until now. In the 80s, movies showed houses that we could imagine were our own. There were dishes in the sink. Clothes in the basket. Food all jumbled up in the fridge. If you pay attention to most shows and movies now all the homes look like showcases. They don't look as though people really live in them! There are no pictures off kilter or books on the tables. That's one reason I like the television show The Middle. I can relate to them. They are like real people. The kids' rooms are dirty. There are chip bags on the counter. The dishwasher is always broken. That's real life. How hard to we strive to force real life to look like most television shows though? I want to run around and sterilize my house before anyone comes in. I want to hide all the food and dishes and crumbs as if people don't know we actually have to eat. It's so silly but it's an easy trap to fall into.

So if you are a young woman (or a middle age woman or an old woman) and you find yourself in the unending quest for beauty or perfection, I encourage you to read Tiffany Dawn's story. I think you will feel refreshed by her honesty. You will enjoy the coffee dates with her, the tips on footholds that she will give you, and the extras available online for each chapter. You can find her CD entitled This is Who I Am and you can check her website for information on her live events. I'll leave you with a parting word from the book for any of you single ladies out there:

"Don't date to find your worth, because you already have your worth. You are already valuable, and you are too precious to throw your heart at guys who don't treat you like a daughter of the King. Your worth is wrapped up in the love of Jesus Christ, not in boys." (Tiffany Dawn, The Insatiable Quest for Beauty)

I received a copy of this book and the CD from the author for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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