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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Oatmeal

Psst.....moms I found an instant oatmeal for us! One that is flavored like a pancake or a banana cream pie. One that has texture and flavor. Quaker had a tasty treat called Real Medleys waiting for you!

Real Medleys come in 4 flavors: Apple Walnut (that's the variety I tried), Cherry Pistachio, Peach Almond, and Summer Berry. Each one offers a unique flavor through the combination of multigrains and chunks of real fruit.

One of my favorite features in the bowl it comes in. I don't even have to wash a bowl! YAY! The instructions include using water. I never put water in instant oatmeal. I like a creamier bowl of oats so I use milk.

Like all instant oatmeal, this is a fast breakfast. There's just something comforting about a warm breakfast. I was so impressed with the texture after it cooked. It was thick and full of cranberries, chunks of apple, and walnuts. It was also full of FLAVOR.

As I build up my goal of a healthier lifestyle this year, I need to eat a wholesome breakfast each day. Real Medleys provides that with some great flavor! I can't wait to try each one!

I received this product as part of my Holiday VoxBox from All opinions are my own.

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