And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fresh & Clean

I'm so ready for Spring! Anyone with me? We've had a mild winter but lately it has been cold and dreary. The kids are signed up for t-ball and softball and the buttercups are starting to bloom. Now I just need warmer weather so I can throw open the windows and begin my spring cleaning. Until then I have to bring in some fake sunshine and happiness. Enter Soft Scrub Total All Purpose. With a fresh lemony scent and strong cleaning power, it's perfect for a little pre-spring cleaning!

Hmm where to begin? Kitchen or Bath? Well I typically think of the kitchen when I have a bottle of lemon scented cleaner in my hand but my bathroom needed attention. I squeezed a little in the toilet bowl, a little in the sink, and then looked around for another icky surface. Oh there it was. The shower curtain liner. The bane of my existence. It gets so nasty but it isn't always easy to clean. Typically I take it down and run it through the washing machine. That gets most of the ick off but there's usually still some film or residue left on the curtain. I've tried getting in the shower, closing the curtain, and wiping it down but with no strong surface behind it I usually get frustrated and give up. So I decided to try a new method.

I took it off the hooks and laid one section in the tub. I squirted on the nice, thick Soft Scrub All Purpose cleaner. Then I did an accordion type fold and squirted on more lemon cleanser and repeated until the whole curtain was folded into the tub. Then I filled the tub with hot water. I let my lemon bathroom cleaner concoction soak for a while (20 mins). I started to take a pic but y'all really didn't want to see my icky shower curtain liner. While it soaked I swabbed the toilet and sink which both came out sparkly clean with a lemon fresh scent. So when the soak was done I drained the tub and used my nifty scrub brush to gently wipe the cleaner from the liner. It really required very little effort. I just swiped across each section and then washed the whole thing down. I couldn't believe the results! My shower curtain liner looks brand new! Ta-Da!

Now do you want to clean your shower curtain liner or your kitchen? I have a coupon for a FREE Soft Scrub All Purpose Bath & Kitchen Cleansers for 3 lucky winners! Just follow the easy Rafflecopter below. And be sure to check out Soft Scrub's One Surface at a Time Sweepstakes! One lucky grand prize winner will receive $1,000 and a year's supply of Soft Scrub, while 250 second place winners will receive free Soft Scrub.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Going to the Chapel

When Hubby and I married (many moons ago) invitation choices were limited. Our options were to go to a stationary store online or in person and order very expensive invitations or we could print our own. We decided to print our own at home to save on cost and so that our invitations could be more personalized. While they turned out great I wish I had all the choices available then that are available now! The internet has really changed the invitation and greeting card industry. It's now possible to make just about any invitation that you can dream up. If you want an already made design that you can customize then I have the information you need! has an amazing selection of wedding invitations. With 766 styles to choose from, I am certain that any couple will be able to pick the one that is just right for them.  So with 766 choices, where do you begin? has made it simple and easy to begin your search. You can sort their invitations by:

*printing type
*turnaround time
and more!

I decided to plug in my favorites to see what would be available so I selected purple, summer, and whimsical & funny. I had 23 choices to see! The Once Upon Wedding design is adorable. It's modern, personal, and has great options. You can adjust the edges, the font, the colors, style of the back, and more. I think this is definitely something I would've picked for our forever day or a selection I would make for a renewal ceremony in the future (hint, hint honey). offers a free wedding sample kit to help you make the best decision. You can also order sample invitations for $1 each. Some of the cards have the option of adding photos too. What a great way to showcase those engagement pictures! You can order address labels and stickers to accent the gorgeous envelopes that match the invitations. Go ahead and browse the beautiful journals available too. You can order one for yourself to jot down special memories of this important event and you can order each of your bridesmaids their own personal journal as a gift.

If you aren't planning a wedding, offers a huge selection of holiday cards, baby and kids invitations, art prints, party supplies, and more. Find all the cards you need for the whole year in one convenient place and pick up birthday presents and more while you are there.

I received a credit from in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go Tropical!

Does this cold winter weather have you longing for the tropics? Maybe you are daydreaming about lying on the beach with the palm trees swaying in the breeze. Perhaps you've been craving a dip in the ocean with the sun on your back. I know I have! So I can't go to the tropics right now but Honey Bunches of Oats is bringing the tropical flavor to my breakfast bowl.

I'll admit I was a little hesitant at first. Mango with milk? That didn't sound too tasty to me. I love coconut though so I was willing to try it.

This is how breakfast looks for a home school mom (just in case you were wondering). Okay I had my coffee and my bowls of cereal, let's try it!

Mmmmm. Well it LOOKS good! Huge flakes of coconut and big crunchy bunches of oats. It tastes great too! The mango flavor was a little overwhelming in the first two or three bites but after that I was hooked! The flavor is fantastic. If I close my eyes I can almost picture I'm on the sand.......

And before I knew it my bowl was empty. Post Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends is now on my list of cereals I love. It tastes great and it has:

  • 10g Whole Grain
  • 120 Calories 
  • 6g Sugar
  • 9 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • 4 Wholesome Grains
I can go for that! Would you like to try new Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends? I have coupons for 3 lucky readers to get their own box of it for FREE! Enter with the easy Rafflecopter below and when the giveaway ends I will select 3 of you! 

I received a free box of cereal for the purpose of review as a Purex Insider. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

A Picture of Heaven

How hard is it to imagine Heaven? The Bible is pretty descriptive about the mansions and streets of gold but I have a hard time REALLY imagining it. I think it's beyond our normal human comprehension. Thankfully kids have MUCH better imaginations and are open to the idea of a totally different place. However we can all use a little encouragement and reassurance now and again.

I feel like Heaven is for Real for Kids by Colton, Tood, & Sonja Burpo does just that! The beautiful illustrations and the wonderful stories of Heaven (told by Colton when he was 3) stir up some wonderful images of the place we will go to for Eternity. Colton's vivid descriptions of the things he experienced are awesome! I love the key verses that have been selected to go along with each detail. The bright yellow cover is sure to capture any child's attention. This book is perfect to read aloud or for a child to read on their own. It would make a wonderful addition to any Sunday School class bookshelf.

Check out these fun resources:

Coloring Pages (free)
An iOS app (on sale today 2/21/13 for $3.99)
The Sunday School Curriculum (today's price $29.99 2/21/13)

I received this selection for the purpose of review as a TommyMommy. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

*Warning-Socialization is NOT the Biggest Issue*

So we all know that the general consensus is these weird home schoolers don't get the needed socialization. Gasp! My kids aren't exposed to all these other kids that may or may not share any of their values or interests. The nerve! However I'd like to tell you that THIS IS NOT THE BIGGEST ISSUE in the home school world. If you're considering the home school route, there is something you need to know and it involves curriculum. I'm whispering the word because it's SCARY!

I like to make curriculum selections now (or spring timeish) for the following school year. This way I have plenty of time to make my choices and then I can use the summer to plan. Also if I forget anything (you'd be amazed) then I have time to get it ordered before we begin. The thing is selecting and ordering curriculum takes way longer than planning! Crazy right?!?! Well if you aren't a home school parent then this probably sounds strange to you. Let me break it down.


Oh mercy! There are endless choices in every subject. Well first you have to decide which subjects you will cover for each grade level. Then you have to begin to delve into the selections available for said subjects. Then you have to make decisions like:

Christian or secular?

Lots of planning required, little planning, or no planning?

Do you want to teach, do you want a teacher on DVD, or do you want a style that teaches your child through written word?

Textbook, computer, workbook, DVD?

Do you have a specific method you want? Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Un-schooling (I won't go there)?

Are you going to buy an all inclusive curriculum package? Are you going to piece and part from different places?

Next year will be our 5th year to home school. I sort of thought I had this whole curriculum buying thing down pat. However I've always known that Apple and Speedy have very different learning styles (and personalities and interests and abilities and hair color and.....well you get the idea) so that is coming into play as Speedy enters 1st grade. Some of the things we used for Apple just won't work for him. Also he isn't in the same place that she was at the same age. Specifically he is farther ahead in math than she was but he is behind her mark in reading (He's still a grade level ahead on HOP. She was just always 2-3 levels ahead. And still is. Proud mommy here!). So that leaves me looking at some other options for him.

On the other hand, Apple is getting older. Things we have suspected about her personality are really coming to fruition. She really is "artsy"! Like really. She NEEDS/ CRAVES new things and new experiences. She's bored easily with the same ole same ole. For Apple to thrive she needs color and excitement and the ability to inject her own thoughts and mark on things. Basically she's bored with some of the things we've been using the last 4 years. It isn't enough to just order her the next level of the curriculum we have been using (at least not in every subject). She needs to stretch her wings and try new things.

What does that mean for me? Many hours at the computer trying to make the best selections. As always our budget is TIGHT. Did you hear me squeak? It's tight. I can't afford to pay full price for most thing so I scour second hand home school sites. I also look for sales and coupon codes (which seem to be nearly non-existent in the home school world). I've attended some Facebook and Twitter parties in hopes of winning some of the items on my list. I'm always on the hunt for items I could review and then incorporate into our school room.

The thing is I can get really anxious while making these choices. I mean I don't want to make the wrong decision. My children's education hangs in the balance. As does the mood and attitude around here during school time. This is just one of those times when I have to take a deep breath, relax, and pray for God's guidance. I know He will help me because I'm doing this for Him. We home school so our kids can spend their day learning in an environment where He comes first. Morals and values are ranked as highly as reading and writing. Character is as important as math. And curriculum choices are overwhelming and may give me a headache but they are part of my job. My job to raise my kids and give them the best education I can.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Magic Whiteboard Letter Sheet

I received one sheet of the Magic Whiteboard Letter Sheet to review. Before my sample arrived I had looked over the Magic Whiteboard website. Their site promotes the Letter Sheet as a dry erase sheet that will cling to various surfaces without the aid of adhesive material. I had it pictured in my mind that this would be a great product to adhere to Apple's desk for use as scrap paper during math.

When my sample arrived it had been damaged during shipping. I really believe this had more to do with the fact that it was sent as one individual sheet. The Letter Sheets can actually only be purchased in a bundle of 20 ($15.99) and I'm certain that a whole pack would be packaged much better. I was disappointed that it was damaged though.

The sheet itself is much thinner than I had expected it to be. While it did lightly "cling" to some of my surfaces, there is no way it would work on her desk. It would not stay put, it would crumple up, or just attach to her paper or book. Their site shows it on the fridge for a list maker or reminder spot. I need to use lists in my phone or on paper so that they can go with me. We use a large calendar for reminders so it wouldn't be useful in that capacity for our family either.

We use lots of dry erase items in our school room. We have 2 large boards that I use for visual work. The children have their own smaller boards to practice writing and drawing. I got a pack of 3 of the smaller boards (one side is lined) for much less than a pack of 20 Magic Whiteboard Letter Sheets. I've held onto the sheet I received for several weeks trying to come up with a useful purpose for it. I honestly haven't come up with any yet. I considered cutting it into smaller pieces to carry in my purse for the kids to draw on while waiting at restaurants but I really wouldn't want to carry around the sheet and the dry erase marker that came with the sheet. Plus most restaurants give the kids a coloring page to keep them busy while we wait.

Perhaps you have the perfect use for it! If so, share it with me! They offer other dry erase products as well that you can view at can connect with Magic Whiteboard on Facebook and Twitter: @MagicBoardUS &

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only review products or services I use personally.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is the perfect time for a school holiday! I'm so glad I scheduled an off day for President's Day tomorrow. The kids and I need a break. We just seem to be in a lull this semester. It's been hard for the children to focus on their studies. Hubby started a new job last week and we've just had a lot going on. I can't really blame the kids for being distracted!

I was able to make some curriculum choices and purchases this weekend for the 2013-2014 school year. I'm excited to be changing some things up a bit. I'm still looking for new ideas in some of the subjects we will cover next year. After homeschooling for 4 years, Apple really needs a revamp of the system. I think changing things up will reignite her interest. Well I hope so anyway!

Apple recently participated in her first big stage production. She's one of the adorable donkeys.

Speedy & Apple had basketball championships over the weekend. They were so excited that their teams made it to the end and Apple's team won in her division!

What do you have going on? Spring cleaning? 2013-2014 school planning? Looking into summer camps (I've got that all nailed down too)? Just cruising until flip flop weather?

Whatever has your attention right now, I pray God's favor is with you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Safety Online

Kids are beginning to take to the internet at earlier and earlier ages. While I won't let my children anywhere near social media for a very long time, they do both have devices that are internet capable. We keep a very close eye on them and they are very limited on what they are allowed to do online.

One thing Apple really enjoys is email. She has some friends that have their own personal email accounts and some that use a parent's email address. She enjoys communicating with her friends via email because we don't let her use the phone very often. Of course we keep a close eye on email just like any other internet feature. She's had her own account for sometime and I monitor it by having the email come to my phone as well as to her netbook.

This method has worked well for us so far but I was excited to learn more about I first gave you a little information about KidsEmail here. I used the free trial I received just to learn more about KidsEmail and to see if it would fit our lifestyle. I was pretty impressed with what I found. KidsEmail gives you many options to keep your kids safe. You can set up the emails to come to your email address also (sent and received), you can set up a safe list of people that are allowed to email your child, and you can set filters to remove pictures and/ or offensive words.

Basically this service does everything for me that I've already been doing. It would be a time saver and give you peace of mind about your child using email to interact with family and friends. Apple has no "privacy" concerns about me monitoring her email. If she did then this might be a better solution than what we are doing now. The price is reasonable for the service. I encourage you to find out more at

I received a free trial based on my relationship with US Family Guide Bloggers.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nature Vs. Nurture

Ahh it's an age old debate. Nature vs. Nurture. Are we who we are because we were born with those attributes or are we who we are because of the way we were brought up? It's a deep topic for sure. I lean to the nature side of the debate but I believe we are a product of both. God created us to be who we are. He gave us a specific personality, introvert or extrovert, and He gave us special interests and talents. I also believe He created each of us for some very specific purposes.

Example of nature- I share an immense amount of common personality traits with my very sweet cousin who is several years younger than me. Although we've always known one another and we've seen each other at least a few times a year our whole lives, we grew up in very different situations. Our immediate families were very different. She had 2 siblings, I had none. Her family went to church all the time. Mine didn't. Her dad was super strict and they weren't allowed to watch very much television or listen to secular music. I loved Janet Jackson and Vanilla Ice and watched Solid Gold and Jem. However she and I are SO similar that our family calls her my "mini-me." We are responsible. We are LOUD. We speak our minds. We worry about what others think. We worry about everyone else in our family. By nature, by God's creation, we are similar. Most of our shared traits have little to nothing to do with the nurture we received.

Now that being said I do believe that the nurture we receive and our surroundings contribute greatly to many of our choices. If we are praised in an area of our lives we can become confident in that area and make choices involving that confidence. If we are constantly slammed about an area of our lives then we will make different choices. So in The Language of Blessing Joseph Cavanaugh III gives us some great insight into nurturing the nature of those around us. I will admit I am not good at that. My friend Betty is fantastic at finding just the right thing to say. She's so encouraging. She was Apple's Wednesday night teacher for a long time and Apple just thrived around her. Betty could always think of something kind and uplifting about Apple's art or outfit. Betty was able to nurture Apple by seeing what things were part of the nature God gave her.

The Language of Blessing will be an amazing blessing (imagine that) in your relationship with your children, your spouse, your neighbor, your co-worker, anyone that could use an encouraging word from you. Cavanaugh points out some specific ways to see our own (and other's) God given talents. Then he gives you realistic ways to impart blessing upon those around you. He isn't asking you to be fake or give false praise, he shows you how to make real statements of blessing. Blessings are more than what you say after a sneeze, more than what you receive at church, and worth more than we realize. There are some wonderful passages of blessing in the Bible. I always think of the blessing that Jacob stole from Esau and of course the Lord's blessing to the children of Israel comes to mind:

Numbers 6:22 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 23 “Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, ‘This is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them:
24 “The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”’
27 “So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.”

What words of affirmation! What security and peace comes just from reading them! So then if the Lord blesses us with His words (He just did) then we should impart those same blessings upon others. To learn more check out The Language of Blessing by Joseph Cavanaugh III.

I received this book from Tyndale Publishers for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


Apple loves fossils and rocks. She collects them and has them displayed all over her room. Hubby and Apple go on hikes and come home with a bag of treasures and artifacts. Because she is already familiar with fossils and rocks, I knew she would LOVE Awesome Science Episode 6 Explore John Day Fossil Beds. I'm pretty sure this was her favorite episode so far.

I wasn't very familiar with the John Day Fossil Beds until watching this episode with the kids. Noah Justice did a great job (as usual) explaining the fossil beds and how they relate to the Great Flood from Genesis. I love all the Bible references that pop up in the center of the screen as the video plays. As with all of the Awesome Science episodes, this one related back several times to topics covered in previous lessons. I love this as it helps my kids review and retain the information. The other great review tool is the study guide for the episode. With a variety of questions and activities to use it is easy to make sure that the kids understood all the information.

We didn't leave Speedy out! He loved this episode too and was especially interested in the leaves that became part of fossils. Thank you again to Kyle and Noah Justice for another fantastic lesson in Awesome Science!

I received this product for free from New Leaf Publishing for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Just a Little

It's been awhile since I delved into an Amish fiction. Goodbye to Yesterday by Wanda E Brunstetter was just enough to renew my interest! Goodbye to Yesterday is book 1 of Brunstetter's new Lancaster County Saga series The Discovery. The cover is beautiful and the book is an irregular size which I actually liked. The skinny long style made it perfect for sticking in my purse to read while waiting to pick the kids up from various activities. The book is very short so I had it completed in no time!

Goodbye to Yesterday introduces us to newly married couple Meredith and Luke. While they are early in their marriage they seem to have no shortages of problems. Luke has been out of a job and Meredith suspects she is pregnant. A new opportunity seems promising for the young couple but scary as well. The book leaves us with a cliffhanger only further fueling my desire to read book 2!

I can certainly relate to some of Meredith and Luke's troubles. We've been in scary financial situations several times over the past few years. While Hubby & I are well beyond that honeymoon stage I do remember that initial desire to never argue or quarrel. So much of human nature transcends time, culture, and religious lines.

If you enjoy Amish fiction make sure to check out this lovely piece by Wanda E. Brunstetter. It goes on sale February 5.

I received this book from Handlebar Publishing for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Something Different

As a family we really enjoy trying new foods. I love fruits and veggies and often think I could live without meat (well maybe a burger or steak once a month). Apple is a HUGE animal lover and while she enjoys hunting with her daddy we often speculate that she may be a vegetarian someday. With all of that in mind, we were excited to try MorningStar Farms Burgers. I was interested in all the tasty choices available and with the price! I selected the Tomato & Basil Pizza Burgers for our family. It was the perfect choice for a hot lunch.

I decided to cook the burgers in my iron skillet on the stove top. I prefer grilled burgers and MorningStar burgers are "grillable" but it was a cold day so we went for indoor cooking.

The package included 4 burgers which is perfect for our family of 4.

The Tomato & Basil Pizza Burgers have mozzarella in them but Speedy and I opted to put an extra slice of American on our burgers. We all had a little ranch on them too. Hubby had a burger as well but it was later that day.

Now Apple is a great eater. She's always willing to try something new and she enjoys a wide variety of foods. Speedy.....well we say Speedy doesn't have time to eat. He's very particular and his tastes seem to change from day to day. He rarely enjoys a meal, instead he eats the amount we insist upon and he moves on. I wasn't sure how he would feel about the veggie burgers. There are many foods (esp carrots) that he just can't/ won't eat. As in he totally gags on them. I was so very HAPPY that he LOVED these burgers. He proclaimed that it tasted just like pizza and he proceeded to devour it.

So if your family is looking for something healthy for dinner, something a little different, something very tasty check out MorningStar's line of burgers!

I received this product free from for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Favorite Stories

Apple & Speedy love to hear the story of how Hubby & I met. They will sit and listen as we talk about meeting in college, how we met through friends, and how our relationship blossomed. God has an awesome plan for everything and His newest plan for us involves us moving back to that little college town where we first met. It isn't far from where we live now but it's a big change for our family. The kids are excited about getting a new house but apprehensive about leaving the only house they've ever lived in and moving to a different town. Our stories about that town are comforting to them but the BEST comfort comes from God.

Just in time for this scary transition, we have the book of Children's Favorite Bible Stories with illustrations by Natalie Carabetta. As Speedy looked over the story of Daniel and the Lions Den this morning I was able to relate Daniel's story with our own. "God protected Daniel by shutting the mouths of lions! How much easier will it be for God to protect us as we move to a new place?" Speedy has been the most apprehensive about the big change so we will be spending a lot of time reading stories of God's love and protection to him. He also wanted to read the story of Jonah and the big fish this morning. He loved the illustration included with it. Apple is enjoying the less known stories included in this big collection.

I love all the stories, all the illustrations, and the suggestions with each story for "Going Deeper." Including the passages to read the whole story and ideas to explore each story with a conversation, movie, or prayer really makes the stories come to life for the kids. I also enjoy the special stories like "A Good Wife" from Proverbs 31 and the rhymes and quotes that are scattered through the book. The Table of Contents and Index are great for school age children as they work to navigate and read the stories themselves.

Would you like a copy of Children's Favorite Bible Stories for your little ones? For a chance to win leave a comment below (include your email address) telling me your "special word" for the year. You can read about my special words for 2013 here. The giveaway will close on Feb 15 at 12:00 pm CST. Residents of the continental USA only please.

I received a free copy of this book from Tommy Nelson for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Speak It!

Some people believe home school is the easy way out. They think we sit in our pajamas all day reading books and watching television. Oh how wrong they are! To be honest I feel like some movements within the home school community lead to these misinformed ideas. Our days look nothing like that. While we don't always get dressed for school, we do have a classroom in our house, the kids sit at desks, and we follow plans, have lessons, and learn a lot! In this crazy home school world my family makes a lot of sacrifices. We don't have an expensive house or car. We limit going out to eat, vacations, new electronics, and new clothes. I'm with my children almost all the time. 24/7.

Being with the all the time IS a huge blessing. I love my kids. I love knowing them, teaching them, and spending time with them. However it is not all sunshine and roses. They argue. I have bad days. They have bad days. I don't always behave in the Biblical manner I should. It boils down to this- we want to embody those wonderful fruits of the Spirit but we don't always do so. It isn't easy. It's hard. And lots of days......well.......most days..... I. COME. UNGLUED. It's hard to admit. I want people to think I have it all together (don't you?).

When a friend recommended the Unglued Devotional to me I resisted. I've gotten some FABULOUS devos in the last couple of months. I have yet to finish one. They are all so AWESOME! I keep swapping back and forth. So I didn't "need" another devotional. Something kept bringing me back to it though. I love Lysa Terkeurst. She always seems to be speaking right to me. I finally gave in and got it. I figured it could go in the stack on my nightstand and work into the rotation. When it arrived I stuck it in the stack and left it a few days. Then.......

I picked it up late one night. I normally read a devotional early in the morning when I first wake up. Things have been crazy around here though, and I couldn't sleep that night so I picked up. Oh. My. Word! The first page she was speaking right to me. Lysa Terkeurst has opened up in this devotional y'all. She is baring her imperfect mommy soul. Listen up because she is speaking truth! We mommies tend to judge one another. We compare ourselves, we judge, and we pretend. It happens so easily. We want all other mommies to think we are the best mommy. I think it comes out of our natural desire to BE A GREAT MOM. It's hard. Being a mom is a daily challenge no matter if you work or you home school or you breast feed or bottle feed. It is all hard. And we all come UNGLUED. We do. Every one of us. Lysa Terkeurst is opening up the floodgates for us to all know that it's okay.

This devotional is her "60 days of imperfect progress." Look at that again. IMPERFECT. There are no huge expectations here. You won't be perfect at the end. But you will have tried. You will have tucked away God's love and truth in you heart so you can make an effort on your best day and your worst day. Every day that I read this I feel like I've gotten a big hug from God and a pat on the back. It's not that it's making me perfect, it's that I have the strength every day to try again. I am so thankful I got this devotional. Thank you Dee Dee for recommending it! I will be getting the book ASAP. And by the way, the other stack of devos is pushed to the side. I'm reading this one until my 60 days are over. And then I may just start over and read it again.

I received this book from for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.