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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fresh & Clean

I'm so ready for Spring! Anyone with me? We've had a mild winter but lately it has been cold and dreary. The kids are signed up for t-ball and softball and the buttercups are starting to bloom. Now I just need warmer weather so I can throw open the windows and begin my spring cleaning. Until then I have to bring in some fake sunshine and happiness. Enter Soft Scrub Total All Purpose. With a fresh lemony scent and strong cleaning power, it's perfect for a little pre-spring cleaning!

Hmm where to begin? Kitchen or Bath? Well I typically think of the kitchen when I have a bottle of lemon scented cleaner in my hand but my bathroom needed attention. I squeezed a little in the toilet bowl, a little in the sink, and then looked around for another icky surface. Oh there it was. The shower curtain liner. The bane of my existence. It gets so nasty but it isn't always easy to clean. Typically I take it down and run it through the washing machine. That gets most of the ick off but there's usually still some film or residue left on the curtain. I've tried getting in the shower, closing the curtain, and wiping it down but with no strong surface behind it I usually get frustrated and give up. So I decided to try a new method.

I took it off the hooks and laid one section in the tub. I squirted on the nice, thick Soft Scrub All Purpose cleaner. Then I did an accordion type fold and squirted on more lemon cleanser and repeated until the whole curtain was folded into the tub. Then I filled the tub with hot water. I let my lemon bathroom cleaner concoction soak for a while (20 mins). I started to take a pic but y'all really didn't want to see my icky shower curtain liner. While it soaked I swabbed the toilet and sink which both came out sparkly clean with a lemon fresh scent. So when the soak was done I drained the tub and used my nifty scrub brush to gently wipe the cleaner from the liner. It really required very little effort. I just swiped across each section and then washed the whole thing down. I couldn't believe the results! My shower curtain liner looks brand new! Ta-Da!

Now do you want to clean your shower curtain liner or your kitchen? I have a coupon for a FREE Soft Scrub All Purpose Bath & Kitchen Cleansers for 3 lucky winners! Just follow the easy Rafflecopter below. And be sure to check out Soft Scrub's One Surface at a Time Sweepstakes! One lucky grand prize winner will receive $1,000 and a year's supply of Soft Scrub, while 250 second place winners will receive free Soft Scrub.

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