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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Safety Online

Kids are beginning to take to the internet at earlier and earlier ages. While I won't let my children anywhere near social media for a very long time, they do both have devices that are internet capable. We keep a very close eye on them and they are very limited on what they are allowed to do online.

One thing Apple really enjoys is email. She has some friends that have their own personal email accounts and some that use a parent's email address. She enjoys communicating with her friends via email because we don't let her use the phone very often. Of course we keep a close eye on email just like any other internet feature. She's had her own account for sometime and I monitor it by having the email come to my phone as well as to her netbook.

This method has worked well for us so far but I was excited to learn more about I first gave you a little information about KidsEmail here. I used the free trial I received just to learn more about KidsEmail and to see if it would fit our lifestyle. I was pretty impressed with what I found. KidsEmail gives you many options to keep your kids safe. You can set up the emails to come to your email address also (sent and received), you can set up a safe list of people that are allowed to email your child, and you can set filters to remove pictures and/ or offensive words.

Basically this service does everything for me that I've already been doing. It would be a time saver and give you peace of mind about your child using email to interact with family and friends. Apple has no "privacy" concerns about me monitoring her email. If she did then this might be a better solution than what we are doing now. The price is reasonable for the service. I encourage you to find out more at

I received a free trial based on my relationship with US Family Guide Bloggers.

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