And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, February 1, 2013

Speak It!

Some people believe home school is the easy way out. They think we sit in our pajamas all day reading books and watching television. Oh how wrong they are! To be honest I feel like some movements within the home school community lead to these misinformed ideas. Our days look nothing like that. While we don't always get dressed for school, we do have a classroom in our house, the kids sit at desks, and we follow plans, have lessons, and learn a lot! In this crazy home school world my family makes a lot of sacrifices. We don't have an expensive house or car. We limit going out to eat, vacations, new electronics, and new clothes. I'm with my children almost all the time. 24/7.

Being with the all the time IS a huge blessing. I love my kids. I love knowing them, teaching them, and spending time with them. However it is not all sunshine and roses. They argue. I have bad days. They have bad days. I don't always behave in the Biblical manner I should. It boils down to this- we want to embody those wonderful fruits of the Spirit but we don't always do so. It isn't easy. It's hard. And lots of days......well.......most days..... I. COME. UNGLUED. It's hard to admit. I want people to think I have it all together (don't you?).

When a friend recommended the Unglued Devotional to me I resisted. I've gotten some FABULOUS devos in the last couple of months. I have yet to finish one. They are all so AWESOME! I keep swapping back and forth. So I didn't "need" another devotional. Something kept bringing me back to it though. I love Lysa Terkeurst. She always seems to be speaking right to me. I finally gave in and got it. I figured it could go in the stack on my nightstand and work into the rotation. When it arrived I stuck it in the stack and left it a few days. Then.......

I picked it up late one night. I normally read a devotional early in the morning when I first wake up. Things have been crazy around here though, and I couldn't sleep that night so I picked up. Oh. My. Word! The first page she was speaking right to me. Lysa Terkeurst has opened up in this devotional y'all. She is baring her imperfect mommy soul. Listen up because she is speaking truth! We mommies tend to judge one another. We compare ourselves, we judge, and we pretend. It happens so easily. We want all other mommies to think we are the best mommy. I think it comes out of our natural desire to BE A GREAT MOM. It's hard. Being a mom is a daily challenge no matter if you work or you home school or you breast feed or bottle feed. It is all hard. And we all come UNGLUED. We do. Every one of us. Lysa Terkeurst is opening up the floodgates for us to all know that it's okay.

This devotional is her "60 days of imperfect progress." Look at that again. IMPERFECT. There are no huge expectations here. You won't be perfect at the end. But you will have tried. You will have tucked away God's love and truth in you heart so you can make an effort on your best day and your worst day. Every day that I read this I feel like I've gotten a big hug from God and a pat on the back. It's not that it's making me perfect, it's that I have the strength every day to try again. I am so thankful I got this devotional. Thank you Dee Dee for recommending it! I will be getting the book ASAP. And by the way, the other stack of devos is pushed to the side. I'm reading this one until my 60 days are over. And then I may just start over and read it again.

I received this book from for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm glad you like it! I'm enjoying my copy too :). I need to do my review! Then I need to get the book too. I love that it makes me feel normal and not like I'm an alien amongst other perfect Christian moms! Soooo very far from it :)


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