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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Try

I told you here about my less than stellar experience with a Magic Whiteboard product. While I had issues with the product I now want to say that their customer service is terrific! After reading my review, they offered to send me a replacement product since mine had been damaged.

When my package arrived, it contained not only a new Magic Whiteboard sheet but also a Magic Blackboard sheet and markers for both! My kids were thrilled! Both products were well packaged so there was no damage this time. It took us a couple of weeks to getting around to using the products but once we did we were pleased.

Speedy got his hands on the Whiteboard sheet and practiced his numbers and number words.

Artistic Apple love the purple marker contrast on the blackboard. She used it for math scrap paper but was making a list of all the cool things she could draw on it. I was concerned that it might now clean off well but it did! It took a little while longer for the marker to dry on than it did on the Whiteboard but it wasn't too bad.

Thank you Magic Whiteboard for the great free products. I appreciate the extra effort to make us happy with your product.

They offer other dry erase products as well that you can view at can connect with Magic Whiteboard on Facebook and Twitter: @MagicBoardUS &

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