And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, March 15, 2013

Beautiful Break

                                          Happy 8th birthday to my sweet Apple!

As per our normal routine, we enjoyed "Spring Break" this week. I have to laugh at the idea of it being a break at all. While we didn't venture into the school room to sit at desks anytime this week, it has been a working break. I had craft centers set up 2 of the mornings.

Apple LOVES LOVES LOVES crafts. Speedy will do a little crafting but it isn't his thing. Mama dislikes crafting. Really dislikes. It's messy. It doesn't interest me. It's messy. You get the idea. However it was Apple's birthday week and I knew she would LOVE craft areas so two different days I put out different crafty supplies and let her enjoy herself. She and Speedy made "horns" and paintings and pictures. Crafty center was a big hit and something I will have to do again in the future. It was messy and I didn't like it but it was worth it for Apple's smile.

Another day I had the kids help me in the kitchen all day. Apple is becoming quite the little cook and in that day she made oatmeal, hot dogs and sauerkraut, brownies, and sweet tea with very little assistance. Speedy helped with measuring and getting dishes. They both enjoy helping in the kitchen and I enjoy having them in there as long as my patience can hold out! I don't want Apple to lose her interest in cooking so I am determined to keep involving her in making our meals. I'd like to come up with 3 or 4 meals that she could make from start to finish to rotate into our dinners.

I cleaned like a crazy person all week. That's my typical spring break activity. The kids always have chores but they really pitched in with all the cleaning this week. Home ec at its finest! They also helped us with a morning of yard work. We picked up sticks and trash and moved around some things on our patio. Then we took care of a small portion of the TONS of leaves we have in our yard. Now the yard is ready for Hubby to mow for the first time this year. Hopefully he can get to it this weekend because the weather is GORGEOUS here right now.

On top of all that, Apple began softball this week and had a draft and her first practice. So that's what our at-home spring "break" has looked like. The life of a homeschooler involves learning in everything we do. That means breaks and vacations and daily life provide opportunities to learn. From checking out worms while doing yard work to learning how the stove works to the social and physical benefits of softball, our kids received just as much of an education this week as they do any week they are sitting at their desks with a worksheet.

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