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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cleaning Up #1

So in honor of Spring's arrival (even though it is super chilly, cloudy, and rainy) I'd like to bring you 5 posts this week about cleaning up. These posts will give you some tips for making the most of your spring cleaning. I hope they will give you some insight on not only getting your home clean but keeping it that way. I'll be the first to admit that there are PLENTY of books, magazines, and blogs out there with cleaning ideas but I hope you will find mine helpful!

Today let's talk about organizing. If you are going to take the time to really get your home clean then you will need to start with organizing. Now you can run off to Pinterest for ideas or you can start it the old fashioned way (you will find that I LOVE old fashioned cleaning advice). Pinterest is FANTASTIC for giving you innovative ideas about putting all your items in the right place in a cute way but first you need to get down to just the items you need and use.

The old fashioned way to organize & declutter is really simple- sort and make piles. As you clean out a bathroom drawer (that's how I spent my Friday night), get your trash can close by. Throw away anything that is trash. If it's broken, it's trash. If it's old and unusable, then it's trash. Make a pile for things you may want to giveaway. Don't leave the pile unforgotten somewhere. Place it by the front door so you remember to give the items away. I pulled out some hairbows to give my niece and I put them straight into an envelope with her name on it. Today Hubby took the envelope to the post office to mail it for me. Make a pile of things to sell. I use a local consignment sale that happens twice a year. It's close to time for the Spring sale so my whole dining room table is the spot for any items that I plan to tag and send to the sale. Make a keep pile and then when you have completed the drawer or shelf or closet or room ONLY put back in the items you will keep.

After cleaning out Apple's bathroom drawer I took a few minutes to match up her earrings and put them on the holder, sort pony tail holders into a basket, and clean up any other clutter that had made its way into that drawer. She's 8 and in charge of keeping her own items clean and tidy but once or twice a year I like to organize areas like that for her. She's a bit of a pack rat so we had hairbows that she had been using since her toddler years. Those were sorted between the envelope for her cousin and a bag for the consignment sale.

As you organize keep in mind that you will "clean" later. Don't get sidetracked by the counter that needs to be wiped down or a floor that needs to be swept. You won't be able to tackle everything in one day. For Spring cleaning I recommend that you take a few hours a day (easier if you stay at home or if you are on vacation to coincide with spring break for your children) or commit a few hours for several consecutive Saturdays (or whatever day you are off of work). Make a list of areas that need to be organized. You will feel motivated as you check each one off of your list. Some ideas:

Bathroom drawers, linen closets, cleaning supplies area, toy boxes, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, pantry, laundry room, homeschool area

Tomorrow we will talk about all those clothes.......

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