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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cleaning Up #2

Back for day 2 of my tips for spring cleaning and organizing! I hope you've had the chance to follow the organization/ purging tips I gave you yesterday. If you haven't, make sure to bookmark these posts so you can come back to them later!

So it's Spring and the weather should be warming up soon. Ahem. It hasn't yet but we can dream right?!?! (As cozy as these socks are I'm ready to stow them away!) Actually we have had a few scattered 70 days already. That means it's time to pull out the summer clothes! WOOHOO! don't separate your clothes? *GASP*

No really I am strict about doing this. I never gave a lot of thought to it until the kids came along. Since they change sizes from one summer to the next (usually....sometimes in the middle of a season) I've learned it's best to sort through them. 

My tips for this are simple and straightforward:

*Do one person's clothing at a time. Even if you have children that share a room I would suggest doing one child at a time. 

*I always pull out last year's clothing to see if anything still fits. You may need your child to participate in a "fashion show" if you aren't sure about some pieces of clothing. 

*Try to take it one step at a time. Start with a drawer and work your way through the dresser and then move to the closet.

*Always leave a few pieces mixed in. IE Keep your child's favorite sweatshirt in a drawer with the spring/ summer clothes. Keep a few pairs of pants mixed in too. In the winter I still leave a few tanks and t shirts in everyone's drawers. There will be times when you will need them. We tend to pull out a few long sleeve shirts when we go camping for the chilly night. Or on a rainy day your child might want a warmer jacket to wear.

*Because you are only leaving out a few items, store last season's clothing in a place that's easy to get to. I wouldn't store all the clothes in the attic. You may need them for something. Instead I invest in a plastic tub with a lid for every member of the family and then I store those bins in the closet of the person they belong to. That way they aren't taking up valuable space in the dresser or on the rod but we can grab out of the bin if we really need to. I toss in shoes too or you can place them in a separate bag or box.

*Make sure every item of clothing is washed and dried before putting it away, storing it, or putting it in one of your piles.

*Whatever doesn't fit from last year needs to go to a sell or giveaway pile. IF you are saving hand me downs for a younger sibling then the items can be placed in a box or plastic bin with a lid that has a label with the size on the outside. You can also put outgrown shoes in these same piles or bins. 

Again this isn't rocket science and it isn't an exhaustive list. It is a manageable task. It will make your life (and you child's life) less hectic. It will free up space so everyone can easily see their clothing choices. And don't be afraid to tell your kids that even though the shorts and flip flops are out they aren't allowed to wear them when there's snow outside!

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