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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cleaning Up #3

Have you read Cleaning Up #1 and Cleaning Up #2 yet? They will get you started on this journey to spring cleaning!

So you've organized your drawers and closets. What's next? My next step is deep cleaning each room. Don't get daunted! You can do this! Enlist your kids if they are around. Even a toddler can dust and wipe down walls!

Disclaimer: These tips will work for a green clean or a traditional clean! I want to be fair to all my readers. FYI- I do a mixture of both. I love cleaners that are green. I wish I had the money and time to go all green. However I don't. While I know chemicals aren't great for my family I don't worry too much about them. I use chemical based cleaners when needed and go for the green cleaners when I can.

Are you ready for every room in your house to be sparkly, clean, and smell great? Well today I will give you tips on how to BEGIN that process. Again super simple tips. You've probably heard them before. They can be easy to forget.

Today I want to focus on each room from ceiling to....well almost to the floor (we'll cover floors tomorrow).

BEFORE you begin. Decide which room you want to begin in. I always start in the kitchen. We need to use the kitchen several times a day so I want to get it finished quickly. Well the kitchen always takes me the longest but that's a personal preference thing. I like the kitchen and I cook a LOT so there tend to be lots of nooks and crannies to scrub. Anyhow make a list of all the rooms in your house and assign them a number. Begin with your first room.

#1 Most Important Rule- Start from the top. Do you have cobwebs on the ceiling? Use a broom or duster to get them down. Do you have a ceiling fan in that room? Dust the blades and light fixtures. Is there an air return in that room? (Yes halls are rooms too but they take very little time). Change the filter. Dust the top of high cabinets and over the door frames. Wipe down walls. Wipe counters, furniture, appliances, cabinet doors, etc.

Use dusters, dusting polish, appliance cleaners, glass cleaner, etc. Take all the cleaning supplies you need into each room with you.

DO NOT get sidetracked and leave the room until it is finished. Instead make a pile in the doorway of things that need to go to other rooms and a pile of cleaning supplies at the door as you finish with each one.

In NO time flat, you will have knocked out every room in your house. Everything will smell great and you will feel so accomplished when you have finished. Make sure to come back tomorrow so we can talk about those floors.

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