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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cleaning Up #4

Catch up on this series with #1, #2, and #3.

Poor Speedy in his sister's hat. I love these older pictures when he was a chubby little fella. However I'm posting this to refer to the carpet. Floors. The bane of my existence. They NEVER NEVER NEVER seem clean enough and they never stay clean. However we can't just give up and let them get nasty. So......

Hopefully you did your room by room cleaning yesterday. It would be hard to do every room top to bottom and get the floors clean too all in one day. For a real spring clean on floors, it will take some time and elbow grease. 

Again I suggest doing one room at a time. For today's order I would do all the floors that need to be swept and mopped in order and then do all the floors that need to be vacuumed. It doesn't matter which group you do first.

Let's begin here with the rooms you sweep and mop. Now this can involve a broom vac, a high tech multi-surface vacuum, or a good ol broom and dustpan. For a deep clean I would reach for the broom and dustpan but that's just me. You can also use a traditional mop in warm soapy water, a new "mop" system that sprays or uses large wipes, or a steam cleaner. I use my mop most of the time.

Remove any furniture you can from the room (ie take the dining room chairs away from the table and set in another room). 

For this type of spring cleaning it would be great to remove any rugs from the room. If the rugs are too large to move then make sure to vacuum and/or clean them) and try to sweep underneath as far  as you can.

Pick up any stray items from the floor.

Now sweep from wall to wall. Make sure you go under any furniture that can't be removed. Try to get behind any areas that you and if Hubby is around have him help you get under the appliances. When my Hubby isn't around to help me with the stove sometimes I remove the bottom drawer. It gives me access to most of the area under the stove.

After making certain you have cleaned up as much dirt and dust from the floor as you can, then sweep following the same patterns and instructions. 

Put up signs, threaten, do whatever you need to do to keep people and animals off the floor until it can dry! Repeat room by room.

For vacuuming those rugs and rooms with carpet, I recommend getting your vacuum tools ready. If you have attachments for the vacuum, today is the day to use them! Move any furniture that you can to vacuum around it. I like to vacuum under my couch cushions too. Go along each wall with a crevice tool to get out all the dust and dirt that accumulates. 

This is the PERFECT time to use a carpet cleaner if you have access to one. You will want to clean the carpet right before bed so the carpet can clean overnight if possible. If you do carpet clean I suggest running the vacuum again the following day to pick up any extra debris that is brought to the surface.

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this 5 part Cleaning Up series!

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