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Friday, March 29, 2013

Cleaning Up #5

Well we've come to the end of the series. I must say I'm sad to be at the end. I love cleaning. Well I love having a really clean house anyway! ;) There's always more to do but let's finish up this week with a plan for the future. While I think spring (and fall) cleaning are necessary and great (because we all need a regular schedule for organizing, purging, and deep cleaning) you can lessen the spring cleaning load by doing a little each day.

My standard recommendation to EVERYONE is to make a daily schedule. Make a short list of chores to do each day. Again enlist your kids! I fully believe children should have a regular list of chores (cleaning their room, sorting the laundry, etc) but you can give them each a "special" job to do each week.When everyone in the house pitches in cleaning isn't overwhelming to one person (ie Mom!).

So make a short list of things that need to be done every day/ week. My standards are:

*Checking the mail (yes this task goes in my cleaning list because if it isn't dealt with everyday then it becomes a big problem)

*Kitchen (some things like dishes should be done daily but the overall kitchen can take one day a week)


*Dusting (rooms besides those listed above) and Floors (so on the days I clean the kitchen and bathrooms I do everything except the floors)

*Linens (I try to do these bi-weekly)

*Laundry (I find it best to do a certain number of loads a day but some families find it works best to do it all on one day)

*Bills and Shopping. I tend to alternate these two based on payday. I like to pay all our bills on payday and schedule 2 large grocery store trips per month. It doesn't always work out that way but it's easier for me when I can try to make it happen.

Now try to plan one or two of these for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday. You will have a cleaner house and more sanity guaranteed!

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  1. Edie:
    Did you glean your cleaning expertise from a particular book or do you come by your organizational skills naturally? If from a book, would you please post the title ~ if not, could you combine all of your suggestions into one email & send it to me? If you can do that, I'll private message you my email.
    Thank you!

    1. I love to clean and organize Ms. Mary! It's a natural thing for me. There are some great books out there but I haven't personally read any of them. I included all my tips in these Cleaning Up posts. The links to each of them are at the bottom of this post. I use the same laundry detergent that Dee Dee does. :)


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