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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Trickster and the Twister

Wanna know why the faces above are soooo happy? Well it's because they (we) were off to see the Wizard!

During the Super Bowl, Apple saw the first ad for Oz the Great and Powerful. She immediately announced that she would like to go and see it for her birthday. So for the first year ever we didn't have a party (thank goodness). Instead we had a special meal one night and then yesterday afternoon we went to the movies with her bestie and bestie's little sis. 

Now I read several reviews that said if your child could handle the original then they could handle the new one. All of these kiddies have been watching the original for years. I asked the littles if they would be scared and they said no. So off we went!

I must admit I was hooked in the first 10 minutes. The story is exciting and moves along quickly (I thought it might drag along since it's just over 2 hours long). The scenes are so EXCITING! From the inside look of the twister (okay there were several times that I was SO glad we were watching 2D and not 3D) to the first brilliant scenes in color, the whole movies just draws you right into the world of Oz. Finley the monkey is funny and endearing and the mystery of the witches will keep you guessing through the first half.

One of the munchkins started feeling bad during the movie so I missed 2 huge chunks while we were in the restroom. I can't wait for DVD so I can see those scenes myself. Thankfully Hubby was able to fill me in both times when I came back so I wasn't totally lost. 2 of the 4 kids LOVED the movie. Their eyes barely left the screen as they munched popcorn and watched in amazement. 1 kid was sick but I think she enjoyed the movie overall. 

Then there was Speedy. He isn't typically frightened of movie theatrics. He's fairly grounded and understands the difference in fantasy and reality. However he does suffer with sensory overload occasionally. It's rare but super loud noises or really bright lights bother him. If there is a loud crowd he gets out of sorts. Well Oz was very LOUD at times and there were lots of bright flashes of light and sudden changes in scenery. So he wasn't a fan. He was able to sit through the whole thing but he hid his eyes several times and told us he didn't like it. I appreciate that he made a good effort to sit there with the other kids. I truly believe he will do much better with the movie when it's on DVD or BluRay and we are watching at home. Then it won't be SO loud and the flashes and bright lights will be on a much smaller scale. Just a warning for you in case you have a child that gets overwhelmed by those things too.

So all in all Oz was a great success and so was the birthday celebration. I didn't have to clean my whole house twice (before and after a party) and that's a blessing! And Hubby doesn't mind celebrating his birthday the way an 8 year old girl wants too! 

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