And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Monday, March 18, 2013

This Is Why

Today was the Monday after Spring Break. (Cue the creepy music) On top of that we had just had a really long emotionally charged weekend. (The music gets louder) How would school go? Would I have the phone in hand to register them in public school? Would the day be marked by tears and temper tantrums? Honestly I expected those things.

However, the kids got started with their drawers in cheerful moods. They weren't grumbling and complaining. Apple hit a small bump with math but once she calmed down and took some deep breaths she realized that she knew how to do the work. Her last assignment was a short reading selection about a third grader beginning a business. It was only a couple of pages with three questions at the end. She was finished in minutes. I thought our "learning" portion of the day was complete.

Apple had something else in mind. (Doesn't she always?) She began talking through a list of ideas for businesses she could start. Some came from the story, others were her original thoughts. I listened to her chatter on while washing dishes and prepping lunch. Hubby came in for lunch and as we sat down to eat Apple really began pursuing one idea in particular. She gave us all her ideas and began to ask us questions. This was all without any prompting from us.

By the end of lunch she had written up a business plan for the summer. She had learned new vocabulary words like overhead, cost effective, labor, profit, and many more. She's excited about the prospect of growing some simple produce this summer and selling it. My girl is realistic. She isn't expecting any huge amount of profit. Apple used math to set prices and estimate the amount of plants she would need. She honed her writing skills while drawing up her business plan. Imagination played a huge factor in her ideas. 

The thing is even if this is the last we ever hear of this plan she got engaged in learning. She got excited about an idea and pursued it. She used skills she's learned during her lessons to apply them to a real life situation. And she did it all unprompted. 

This is why we homeschool. These are the days I savor. The days and times I relish when we are having a terrible, bad, no good day. These are the moments that give me a glimpse into her very promising future.

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