And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bon Bons

Ya know there are some common misconceptions out there about stay at home moms and homeschooling families. Many well-meaning people assume that stay at home moms kick up their feet, eat bon bons, and watch soap operas all day. Others believe all homeschooling families are churning their own butter, sewing their own clothes, and/ or stockpiling weapons all day. Allow me to help you with some of those misconceptions:

*I haven't watched a soap opera since I quit working full time. When I was employed full time I often spent my lunch break watching my favorite soap in the break room. I haven't seen one since I began staying at home.

*I've never, ever eaten a bon bon. I have been known, however, to hide in the closet and munch on a snack cake when my kids were otherwise occupied.

*I rarely get to kick up my feet. For example today I got up, helped my kids get their breakfast (although they are fully capable of getting it themselves and usually do), washed a few dishes and made myself a cup of coffee, headed to the school room with the kids where I stayed the next few hours other than occasionally slipping out to work on laundry, then I prepared lunch, we ate (my first food of the day), cleaned up after lunch and then promptly began a cleaning spree that lasted several hours. During that time my children played outside and in their rooms. Once my cleaning spree was over it was time to prepare dinner. I did pause long enough to shower before going into the kitchen. I fixed dinner, we all ate together, and then I washed the left over dishes while the children swept and put away meal items. Following our meal I sat down to do a little over an hour of work. Yes I work part time from home in addition to blogging. As soon as I completed my work it was bedtime for my children. I put them to bed, sat down with my hot cup of tea, flipped on Criminal Minds and began this post. Any "breaks" I've had today lasted less than 10 minutes.

*I can sew and do sew. I make my own bread (sometimes) and do lots of other "home ec" type activities. We don't have a massive stockpile of weapons and I couldn't churn butter to save my life.

If I'm not in the school room with my children during the day then I'm usually cleaning, working, blogging, paying bills, or doing other family/ household chores. I most assuredly had more downtime at my job then I do at home. If you do not stay at home then please don't assume all your stay at home mommy friends are living the life of luxury. They probably aren't. We sacrifice much so I can stay at home with our children. It is more than worth it. I will never look back and say I wish I had sent them to school or that I wish I had spent less time with them. It is a lifestyle we willing choose.

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