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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good Snacks

I received free samples of this product for a BzzCampaign from All opinions are my own.


Are you looking for a wholesome snack that your whole family can enjoy without guilt? Green Giant (the brand we all know and trust) has a great new snack! Veggie Snack Chips come in 2 flavors- Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt and Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips in the Zesty Cheddar flavor.

These chips don't taste like veggies at all! They taste like yummy lightly salted chips. We've enjoyed them plain and they are great for dipping too. They even passed the Speedy test. That's HUGE because Speedy is suspicious of ALL vegetables.

Can you see all the flavor in that bright orange chip? 

The nutrition facts speak for themselves- the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips have 17g of whole grains and the Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips have 40% less fat than regular potato chips.

If you are like me you are always scrambling to keep wholesome snacks on hand for the kids. Now that my children are older I love to have the cabinets stocked with plenty of foods that they can munch on whenever they are hungry. We will be keeping these around to replace the salty snacks they usually like. 

We enjoyed both flavors but the 4 of us agreed that the Multigrain Sweet Potato Sea Salt chips were our favorite of the two.

You can find these yummy snacks in your local Kroger family stores!

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