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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stinky Kids

As you can see Speedy spent most of the day yesterday outside playing. Since it was a nice Spring day with temps hitting 88 (hint of sarcasm in there, did ya catch it?) he got a bit.....sweaty.....and stinky. 

Thankfully both of my children love to take showers and baths. Last night he was even more excited to try our new Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash that came free in the mail from the Purex Insiders program. He was happy to report that it smells good and it has a boy and a girl on the front (a big deal for the little boy that refuses to use any "girl" stuff). I love that it's easy for him to use all by himself and it gets rid of all the stinky and sweaty!
Apple used the new Dial Kids Body Wash too and she was just as impressed! While she refused to use it for her hair (because she's particular about her shampoo) she did enjoy using it as body wash. She has trouble with eczema and we are happy to report that this product didn't irritate her skin at all! She loved the Watery Melon scent too.

Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash comes in 2 formulas- one for the 2+ crowd and one for 6+.

Speedy has been growing his hair out for a few months now. I have no idea how to cut "long" boy hair so it's just doing its own thing right now. We have fun brushing it in different ways every night after his shower. This look is credited to my Hubby who said he was going for an Ace Ventura do. Silly boys!

So on to the really FUN stuff! I've got an extra coupon for a FREE bottle of Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash. Want to win it? Fill out the easy Rafflecopter for your chance. This is a SPEEDY giveaway so it will end on Sunday. Get your entries in now!

You know I love to bring you all the chances to win that I can! Dial has a special Kids Body and Hair Wash sweepstakes happening now! The special link is available in the Rafflecopter form. Enter to win the GRAND PRIZE of $1,000. 250 second place winners will get a coupon for a FREE bottle of NEW DIAL Kids Body & Hair Wash.

I received a FREE product as a Purex Insiders member for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I entered the sweepstakes, thanks!

  2. YAY! No more stinky kids would be great! :)

  3. I love Dial and would love to try this product. :)

  4. I have three stinky boys that would love this!


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