And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Monday, April 1, 2013

Telling the Truth

Hermie & Friends are back on DVD to teach your kids about telling the truth. Hermie and Flo use 2 cartoon episodes to teach children the importance of their words. The Bible lets us know again and again that our tongues are quick to lead us to sin. It can be hard to impart this knowledge on your children though. As children learn to speak and develop their speech, most go through a stage (or two) when they try lying and manipulation. Which of us hasn't blurted out an untruth in a stressful situation?

I love the Hermie and his friends always present Biblical truth in a positive way. These cute characters don't use scare tactics or harsh words. Instead they tell simple stories that give children perspective on what Biblical truths look like in everyday situations. This awesome DVD contains 2 episodes and bonus material like songs and a game.

My children were so excited to sit down and watch I Will Tell the Truth & Be Careful What I Say. They recognized Flo and Hermie on the cover. I love that the episodes address telling the truth and being cautious not to insult others or hurt their feelings.  Hermie and his friends always find a way to work out a bad situation through prayer.

Both of my kids have spoken without thinking many times. This is one of those areas that I feel like we need to constantly reinforce. We are training our children for their future so we need to continually stress the importance of the truth and kindness in our words. Recently our preacher spoke on only using words that tell the truth, are kind, and are helpful. Apple & Speedy spoke about that sermon for several days. They discussed examples of things that are helpful and kind. What a perfect time to reinforce those concepts with Hermie & Flo!

Which does your child struggle with the most- telling the truth or making sure their words aren't hurtful?

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I received a free copy of this DVD as a Tommy Nelson mommy for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. yes my daughter doesn't always tell the truth thanks crystal allen

  2. Yes dd5 will sometimes stretch the truth to make things go her way.
    Gingeroo616 at AOL dotcom

  3. no...they rather tell it how it is then get into trouble...they do not get punished in any way for being truthful

  4. I love hermie and friends. As for being truthful. my teens struggle with this, but my 4 year old is blatantly honest. :)

  5. Both! I think they are both difficult areas in our household!

  6. Thanks so much! My daughter is going to love this!


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