And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Sunday, May 19, 2013

School's Out for Summer

Now that you're singing the song, rejoice with me! Summer break is here! Hallelujah!

And so this little fella is a special Kindergarten graduate!

He was so excited to be recognized at church this morning with the other graduates. He's reading well although it still isn't his favorite thing, he's very interest in math and money still, and he's looking forward to finishing up his t-ball season and basketball camp. He's hoping we can go camping this summer as well so he has some time to go fishing. 

This little beauty has successfully completed the 3rd grade! She has her summer reading books all picked out and stacked up ready to read. One of our goals of the summer is for her to have 2 meals she can cook all by herself for the family. We've gotten a jump start and she prepared a fantastic hot dog meal almost all alone last week. She's looking forward to finishing her softball season (as the catcher) and music camp. She's excited about Vacation Bible School and a visit by many of her cousins for a family reunion this summer. She'd like to take a trip out of town just to get away for a few days. 

I'm so proud of these 2! School was rough this year. I know in the big scheme of things that we will encounter years like this but I must say I feel a HUGE relief now that we've made it to the end. I'm looking forward to swimming, enjoying some sunshine, and hopefully finding the perfect new home for our family. I'm also looking forward to a fresh start with school in August. I've got most of our materials for next school year and as soon as my Well Planned Day planner arrives I will begin lesson planning. 

We've already been doing some fun things. Here is something we worked on one day just for fun:

Now that they are a little older it is obvious that they love learning (even though they don't know that's what they are doing). I love that we have the flexibility to hang out and do origami one day because they are interested in it.

How was your school year? Are you finished yet? What are you and your little ones looking forwar to the most this summer?

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