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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Workout Wear

I LOVE being a member of the Old Navy Style Council via Crowdtap. I get the BEST Old Navy opportunities. Old Navy is by far my go-to place when someone in my family needs new clothing. They have great selections for everyone and they usually have a fantastic sale going on.

I was thrilled when I was accepted for the latest Crowdtap/ Old Navy Sample and Share opportunity. I received coupons for a FREE Active Top and Bottom for myself and one each for a friend! I invited one of my BFFs to join me. She's a CrossFit fanatic and I knew she would use and love a new workout outfit. I was excited to grab a brand new outfit for myself to wear to Zumba.

We met at lunch and went to our local Old Navy. They were busier than I expected them to be! Luckily the active wear section was pretty calm so we were able to take our time and get plenty of pieces to try on. We each went through the whole section and mixed and matched several tops and bottoms. Then we headed to the fitting rooms. There were so many customers trying on clothes that we weren't able to get rooms next to each other and chat throughout our multiple wardrobe changes but we made it work.

Since we weren't right together I had to take my own mirror pics so bare with me.

I figured you'd be dying for some duck lip shots. You're welcome. I loved this tank and shorts combo. I could tell they'd be very comfortable.

Besties= super similar style. Actually B ended up getting this shirt with her coupon! I liked the purple shorts but I didn't feel like that color was flattering on me.

I liked the blue colors but the shirt seemed so thin. I didn't want anything showing through. B looked super cute in her choice but the tank was a bit baggy for her. We both agreed we had several Compression pieces in our workout drawers so we wanted to go for different styles.

I really liked this look. I have a very similar pair of shorts from last year but I wear them ALL the time. They are great for everyday, not just working out! B looks super cute in the bright yellow! She actually picked these shorts to get with her coupon. I just made her promise she wouldn't wear the bright yellow shirt with the bright yellow shorts!

What happens when you love everything you took in the dressing room?!?! I wanted them all but my budget said no.

I finally narrowed it down to 2 outfits. While I loved both for different reasons I decided I would get the most use out of the outfit on the left. The neutral gray shirt will go with lots of my workout bottoms and I just love the shorts.

Check out your local Old Navy to see all these great active wear pieces and more! Or if you are a shop at home type of gal then check their website here.

Thanks again to Old Navy and Crowdtap for my free workout clothes! All opinions are my own.

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