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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Queen Quilter

Facebook has really made it easy to reconnect with classmates of long ago. I love seeing how friends from years past have changed and found their callings and discovered their talents. Most of us are vastly different than we were in high school an I find that some of my "best" Facebook friends are the ones I spoke to the least in school.

One of these amazing ladies is a super talented quilter! She does great things with fabric and thread. I'm not much on the crafty side so I enjoy seeing her finished products. Kelly was so sweet and sent me a free key chain wallet ro replace one that I had purchased from her a few years ago. She let me make a few specifications and this was the end result:

I love it! The colors are great and the size is perfect for my driver's license, insurance card, and a little cash. I keep those things in there all the time so I don't always have to carry my purse. I can just grab my keys and go. This nifty little creation of Kelly's is a great time saver for me.

She doesn't have any of these currently in her shop but I wanted to jot up this quick blog to first of all give her a big THANKS for my key chain wallet and to let all my awesome readers have a link to Kelly's Etsy shop. It is a wonderful place to find baby quilts and regular quilts as well!

kelbysews on Etsy

kelbysews blog

kelbysews on Facebook

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