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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Open the Door

Apple amazes me. She's open to reading any book pretty much anytime. When I first saw The Door Within I wasn't sure that she would like it. A book about a realm of knights, kings, warriors, and mysterious creatures didn't sound too girly to me. I'm glad I second guessed myself because she is deeply engrossed in the whole trilogy now!

Wayne Thomas Batson begins the trilogy with The Door Within. In it we are introduced to Aidan. Aidan's family has recently moved to live with his Grampin and he isn't happy about the transition. As he's struggling through the summer in a new town with no friends Aidan seeks some adventure. When he finds a set of mysterious scrolls in Grampin's basement he sets off on a journey that he never could've imagined.

This tale of The Story parallels beautifully with the Bible. Apple had such a good time relating different events in the book to the history she knows in the Bible. As I read it I found even more hidden similarities. I must it admit the book is a real page turner. I can see why she found it so intriguing. I think the beautiful character Gwenne does an excellent job of drawing in the girlies. I can see that Speedy will also love this book when he is a bit older. If you have a child that loves to read, loves stories of knights and castles, and/ or just loves to see THE STORY portrayed in a new format, please introduce them to this series by Batson. Apple has already read book 2 (The Rise of the Wyrm Lord) and is impatiently waiting to get her hands on the final book (The Final Storm).

See a special preview of The Door Within here.

This is another book that I've enjoyed reading because it gives us something to connect over and to chat about. It is so important to find common ground as she is growing up. This book will be great for advanced late elementary readers all the way up through late middle school. Now would you like to win a copy for yourself or your child? Enter via the easy Giveaway Tools widget.


I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review as a Tommy Nelson Mommy. All opinions are my own.


  1. I can not figure out how to enter this giveaway. Everything just says loading. Would love to enter :)

  2. Well hmmm. It looks okay on my mobile and on Chrome. Is it working now for you?

  3. we like series, it keeps us motivated to see what happens next thanks crystal allen


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