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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sleigh Bells and Freshly Fallen Snow

Okay I get just as irked as you do when the stores start stocking Christmas items before Fall even begins but I have to admit with the first cool days and cold evenings I start dreaming of all the things I love about Christmas. Y'all I love Christmas and one of my favorite authors is Cindy Woodsmall so how could I not get a novella compilation by her called Christmas in Apple Ridge? I admit I already have and reviewed The Christmas Singing but this book has 2 other stories in it too!

It includes the interwoven stories The Sound of Sleigh Bells, The Christmas Singing, and The Dawn of Christmas. Each one is the unique tale of an Amish man and woman who seem destined to drive one another crazy. The Sound of Sleigh Bells is the story of Jonah and Beth who are a bit different in their own communities and begin their friendship based on a misunderstanding with a bit of fudging by Beth's aunt. Jonah and Beth have both suffered deep loss in their lives. Can they help one another and overcome the issues they face or are they destined to always be alone? Theirs is a heart warming story. In The Christmas Singing we meet Mattie and Gideon. Once an item they have been driven apart. Mattie is forced to return to Apple Ridge and face Gideon. Can they work it out? Lastly The Dawn of Christmas introduces Sadie and Levi. They are both staunchly opposed to any romantic relationships. They stick out in the Amish community for this. Could they use one another to get their families off of their backs? Will all the time they spend pretending turn into something real? I love these Amish romances. They are clean and full of stories of God's grace.

The thread of characters woven in and out of each story keeps the momentum going as you read through the book. It's fun to catch back up with the characters as you "meet" new ones. Woodsmall does a terrific job of presenting characters that live a simple Amish life but aren't perfect. The extra recipes that are included (even one for soap!) just add to the charm. If you are ready for a hint of Christmas then there's no better place to start than Christmas in Apple Ridge.

I received a free copy of this book for review from Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own.

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