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Friday, December 13, 2013

Is Your Skin Dry?

I don't know about you but in the winter my skin feels like a dried up sponge. As soon as I step out of the shower I feel like all the moisture is sucked out of my face. Enter my free sample of Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum compliments of Influenster. 

My initial reaction to this product wasn't very positive. I was surprised that an expensive Cindy Crawford facial product was packaged in such a lightweight bottle. It also seems very, very small. At the beginning I just put on a dab every morning and tried to focus on the areas of my face that have the most fine lines and wrinkles.

After watching the infomercial, I decided to try putting it on twice a day. Now I apply it in the morning and at night. I still just use a dab. It doesn't take a lot to smooth it all over my face. I've noticed that my fine lines seem to be disappearing and my skin feels very moisturized once I put it on. The smell isn't stellar but it doesn't really stink either. The bottle is small but even using it twice a day this one will last me a long time since it takes so little each application.

All in all I would be interested to try the whole Meaningful Beauty line. Seems like Cindy has a good thing going here.......

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