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Monday, December 2, 2013

This is It!

About a year or so ago, I started looking for a Bible plan for Apple to read the Bible in a year. Hubby & I had done some Bible reading challenges and I really wanted to find one for her to do also. What I found was disappointing. At the time there just weren't many (I really didn't find any) resources to help kids read through the majority or whole Bible in a year or any given length of time. I've always found that most children's resources cut down the Bible to the most popular stories and then cut those down until they are almost unrecognizable! I first noticed this when Apple was just a toddler. I would read to her from a Bible storybook and then go compare to the actual verses. I was usually surprised at the difference in the context.

So as she got older and began reading more on her own it was just a natural progression to want to help her make her way through the whole Bible. Now I've told you here on the blog that I've found some EXCELLENT Bibles and devotionals for her, especially in this past year. She & I have been so grateful to have these wonderful resources at our fingertips. I've still longed for a program or book to help her through the whole Bible though. It is so important to keep God's word upon our hearts and how better to do that than by studying His whole Word?

All this to say after looking for so long I have finally found the one, the Bible, the Bible in a Year, The NCV Daily Bible by Tommy Nelson. Here's what the back cover has to say:

"Simple daily readings from the easy-to-read New Century Version include selections from both the Old and New Testaments as well as Psalms and Proverbs. Also included are full-color maps, pages to personalize, top memory verses, and key Bible teachings."

Wow! Just what I wanted for Apple! She was baptized this year and will be 9 next year. This is the perfect time for her to unlock the secrets of the Bible and store those treasured words in her heart. Along with maps and timelines, there is also a section in the back with a place to take notes each month. That's perfect for Apple because she is all about jotting down ideas or drawings as she reads.

The daily readings aren't overwhelming either. Most run from 2-3 pages. Easily accomplished in less than 30 minutes of reading. For example December 2 is Daniel 7:1-8:27 and Psalm 137:1-6. Each day's selection is printed together so the reader can just easily read the passages for that day. I may have to sneak this Bible away and read through it myself! I am not super familiar with the NCV version but just glancing through it I don't see anything sticking out. Since the Bible isn't in "regular" order it's harder for me to check my go-to passages when looking at a new version.

While there are some colorful verses and maps at the beginning and end, the majority of the Bible is just regular passages with no art or extra color. This Bible in a Year is definitely for strong readers in the tween-teen stage.

Would this make a great Christmas gift for someone on your list? Well enter below and one reader will win a free copy! Now Apple won't get this copy until Christmas because I'd like for her to start it on January 1 so shhhhhhh! Don't tell!

I received a free copy of this Bible for the purpose of review from Tommy Nelson. All opinions are my own.

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