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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tweens, Shoes, and a New Series

Apple loves books and softball and shoes. Softball season starts very soon (yay!) and we've found a new series for her to read (double yay!)

Apple tells me that Riley Mae also loves softball and that the book Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek by Jill Osborne is about a shoe company. Apple's first comment after reading the book was, "I sure hope there is a sequel because this book just sort of ended!" She was thrilled to hear there are more in the series but super sad that the mailman didn't bring another one yet. 

Riley Mae's adventure is part of the faiThGirLz! library and this is the first book in The Good News Shoes series. In this book, the Swiftriver Shoe Company asks Riley Mae to be their spokesgirl. She's the perfect fit for a new line of girl's athletic shoes. RM is pumped about a shoe line that carries her name and being in commercials until she finds out she will have to miss the softball season. And then she begins to realize that life is happening without her while she's busy fulfilling her contract. 

All in all this is just a great light read for your tween. It's 238 pages so not exhausting even for those who don't find books as fascinating as my Apple. I love books like these with positive messages and little morals strewn throughout. These are exactly the kind of books I love for Apple to read. We are all affected by the books we read and music that we listen to and I love for her to have as much positive in both of those medias as possible. I can't wait for her to get her hands on #2 Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids

I received a free copy of this book from BookLook for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. 

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