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Monday, March 31, 2014

Girls Wanna Have Fun #NERFRebelleParty

House Party thank you for the AWESOME Nerf Rebelle party pack. All the girls (and boys) at the party LOVED them. I received this party pack free for the purpose of sharing with friends. Here's how our party went:

Here was our party pack! Lots of blasters, bracelets, a bow, and ammo!

*Having recently moved and very recently throwing a double birthday party in our new home, I decided to take this party to a different location. The church seemed like a great place because of a wide open field and a playground area. We happened to have a potluck that day anyway so we were all able to eat and then head out for some action.

This is most of the group. There were a few kiddos that didn't make it in the picture. I'll be honest I wanted the kids to hold the Nerf gear in the picture but I knew once I handed it to them the war would be on so no weapons in the pic.

House Party had some awesome ideas for training exercises and other organized fun but with such a diverse group of participants and ages, I figured extreme chaos was in order. Plus most of the suggested ideas were for girl only parties. While Rebelle is obviously a girl line, we couldn't keep the little brothers out of the fun! Also we had more kids than we did weapons even though my Speedy brought one of his own Nerf guns. So we passed out weapons with ammo and let them go at it!

The kids tried blasters, a Heartbreaker bow, and Power Pairs. There was plenty of ammo and tatoos to go around.
 The Rebelle weapons all worked and fired correctly. they held up to use by the big kids and little kids. The recommended ages for these weapons are 8+. The colorful ammo was easy to spot and retrieve even in the grass. Most of the weapons hold extra ammo which is important in a big fight like this!

We ended the long "war" by letting them shoot Hubby. They all really seemed to enjoy that. :) In the midst of the party I passed out the bracelets and "Captain" headbands. Seriously every girl wanted a Captain headband. I wish I had more! I also let everyone take home the guns. Again I wish I had more! Luckily every mom received a coupon good for $5 off a $9.99 Rebelle purchase. I hope all the girls were able to get the other weapons they wanted!

I think the big open space behind the church was the perfect place for this event. The kids were able to run and holler without disturbing anyone. They were all so happy for some time to just play together. 

Rebelle is marketed as a toy to help girls feel brave but I think Rebelle is a great toy for bringing kids together. The Rebelle line helps my son and daughter enjoy Nerf fights together like never before. It is also a great way for girls to play together in a non-traditional way. Nerf weapons including Rebelle are a safe, fun way to get out some aggression, get some exercise, and strategize. 

This Spring's Rebelle line features different patterns. Here's the comparison of the Heartbreaker bow Apple received for Christmas vs. the one in our party pack.

After the party all we had left was....

Well and a coupon....

Thank you House Party for this fun party pack! We so enjoyed our party especially my 9 year old Apple. She was thrilled to be the honorary hostess this time!

I received a free party pack of goods from House Party. The purpose of the party pack was to review the products and share them with friends. All opinions are my own.

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