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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Organizing With The Ultimate Seat Sack

So y'all know we moved to a different house recently. While the room we use for school is much bigger than our old schoolroom, the house as a whole is smaller and the schoolroom now doubles as my office. We are also lacking in storage/ organizational space due to the lack of square footage overall. This has resulted in some disorganization in our school area and y'all I just can't do clutter and craziness (cause we have enough of that!). Enter the opportunity to review some AWESOME school organization tools (I received these items for free from Educents and Seat Sack for the purpose of review). I am so excited to tell you all about the Seat Sack Ultimate Organizer Set.

This is what comes in the 4 in 1 set. You receive the Seat Sack Plus, Pencil+ Pouch, Hand-e-Sack, and Read-n-Go. All of these items include name tags to fill in and they are offered in red and blue. You can also get these personalized with a school name or logo as well. I would imagine classroom teachers would DROOL over these! 

I asked for the small Seat Sack and it fits perfectly on Speedy's 10" chair. The Seat Sack comes in 4 sizes- small 10", standard 14", medium 15", and large 17"- so you can really fit any chair size! I can even picture these on the back of kitchen or dining room chairs for those of you that school in those rooms. 

The Seat Sack just slips right over the top of the chair and it is ready to fill! Ready to use classroom organizing. 

Crayons, folders, Bible, lots of things will fit into the Seat Sack! Now we can get some of these items off the floor and they will be easy to find when Speedy needs them.

The Pencil+Pouch can be purchased individually or with the Seat Sack Plus. It is huge! It has a loop on the side for carrying or hanging it and it will hold pens, pencils, glue, scissors, and more! 

The best part is it slides right into the Seat Sack Plus for easy storage! The Seat Sack is made of flame-retardant laminated poly fabric that can be machine washed on gentle and tumble dried. They thought of everything when they made this product!

I decided to give Apple the Hand-e-Sack since Speedy got the Seat Sack. I wasn't sure how the Hand-e-Sack attached and she doesn't have a traditional desk anymore. We've repurposed a sewing table and a spare kitchen chair into her desk area. That means she doesn't have a drawer or anything. She's been keeping items in a plastic basket by her feet. I was so excited to see the Hand-e-Sack attaches with super strong, durable 3M Dual Lock system velcro.

Mounting it is so easy! You clean the area, peel away the liner, and firmly press the adhesive backing to your desk (or table). Allow one hour to twenty four hours before use to let it bond properly. Then you simply press the Hand-e-Sack onto the strip. Press hard! This isn't your normal velcro strip.

Once you do you have a simple, useful pocket right on your child's desk! It can hold small books, rulers, scissors, crayons, pencils, etc. Apple is so glad to have her items at her side and not at her feet! I feel like we did a mini Spring clean in our homeschool room in just a few minutes!

The last of the 4 items is the Read-n-Go bag. This is just right for library trips or keeping special projects in one place. I wanted you to see the stock photo from Seat Sack for this product because they are so SMART! They use a Command Hook and hang it from a desk. Brilliant!

The Read-n-Go has a plastic hook on the carrying handle at the top for hanging and it is the right size for transporting books or papers.

So you can get this fantastic set at regular price for this is $24.95 but I have some GREAT news for you! The price is reduced 40% right now making this 4 in 1 set $14.95. This is a limited time special offer and I'm not sure exactly when it ends so act quickly. Want even better news? Use the code "20BXNEW" for an extra 20% off new orders. Copuon code cannot be combined with any other offer (but it did work with the special price when I tried it!) and is only valid on future orders. I will say the shipping and handling on this product is not cheap but you are getting an excellent deal and it is an oversized item (it ships flat). At this price I believe I will be working in another set for the fall. Now is the time to add this to your 2014-2015 school list.

Not only does The Original Seat Sack Company offer these great products, they also have lots of other classroom and teacher products. I encourage you to go and check out their website to see what you can find. 

And don't forget to check out It is the ultimate place to find homeschool and learning deals. Educents just turned 1 and they are offering some amazing prices on popular products.

I received these free products from Educents and Seat Sack for the purpose of review. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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