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Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Plans

I see a lot of bloggers and friends detailing their summer plans. Some are making lists, others have whole calendars planned out, and I've even seen at least one with a basket of items to pick from each day. I have to laugh a little. I'm am so over the top with organizing and planning school, cleaning, etc but summers are just different for me.

I try to put the kids in 1 camp each during the summer. At this point Apple has one on the calendar. Speedy does not because we've had trouble finding the kind of camp he wants at a reasonable cost on a week he could participate. He may or may not get to do a camp this year because of that.

The kids want to spend time with their friends this summer, especially those in public school that they only get to see a limited amount of time in the fall and spring. We will go to my aunt's pool as often as possible. In summers past we've tried to go at least once a week.

I have a short list of school things I would like the kids to work on this summer and we usually do the summer reading program at the library. We always work on learning or improving chores over break as well.

Y'all that's it. I don't want to over schedule their summer. I want them to enjoy some free time. I want them to read and play and enjoy the sun. Summers are magical all on their own. They get to stay up a little later because the days are longer. They get to laugh with friends and family and they get to see Mom not be AS tied to a schedule or calendar.

I love summer!

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