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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grind It Up

I received this product free from Ozeri for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

I just love kitchen gadgets and small appliances. When we moved a friend lovingly called me a small appliance hoarder. She also encouraged me to get rid of a few things because the kitchen we have now is much smaller than our previous kitchen and also has less storage space. In fact we had to add 3 shelves to the kitchen even after I purged a bit. All of that to say I can't buy/ get any more kitchen items unless I get rid of something else or it's an item small enough to tuck into one of the few remaining open spots.

The Ozeri Fresko Duo Salt & Pepper Grinder fits my requirements! It is a dual purpose (holds 2 spices) item and slender and tall for easy storage. Any serious foodie knows a spice mill/ grinder is a must have in the kitchen and you won't find one easier to use than this one. Each ends easily pops off for easy filling. Then you can adjust the settings for a finer or coarser grain. It is perfect for salt, peppercorns, or other spices. We tried a sea salt and a peppercorn blend and were so happy with the results! I used it while making the bbq pork that I had on last week's meal plan.

I took a large boneless pork loin and placed it in the slow cooker. I generously ground salt and peppercorns over it. I was so pleased with the feel and balance of the grinder. It was easy to use and mess free.

I then diced a sweet Vidalia onion and spread it over the top. I think poured in some soda (Dr. Pepper to be exact) and some hickory smoked bbq sauce. 

I covered it up and cooked it on low about 8 hours (it was a big cut of meat). My husband was so excited that I made a homemade version of a popular fast food rib sandwich. In fact he said it was even better than that seasonal offering. :) 

The kids enjoyed this meal as well with some watermelon and pickle. All of this was made easier by our pretty, new stainless steel Ozeri Fresko Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder

I know you want to know more so here it is:

*BPA free containers
*Clear containers for easy viewing of spice levels
*Adjustable ceramic grinding gears
*Made of high quality stainless steel
*Designed in Germany
*Easy to use
*Available to purchase on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members

I'm pretty sure that's all you need to know about this nifty salt and pepper mill! 

Want to know about other Ozeri products? Check out my review of one of their Greblon pans.

I received this product free for the purpose of review from Ozeri. All opinions are my own.

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