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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Here We Go Meal Plan #1

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If you are a part of the action on my Facebook page then you know we've been discussing recipes and meal plans. Yesterday I spent a good portion of my morning working on meal plans for the next few weeks and making ahead the grocery lists I'd need with each week. Well actually every 2 weeks to fall in line with paydays. So here ya go...this is actually a between payday week for us but I really want to get started so I scoured my pantry for items I had on hand to make dinners each night this week. We've munched on leftovers the last two days trying to get all of those eaten up.

I am using my Well Planned Day homeschool planner to keep up with my meal plan. It has a nifty little box on the side of each week just for a dinner menu.

Monday- Chicken Wings- we bought a pack of wings and thighs on sale. We plan to split them into 2 slow cookers tomorrow and pour on store bought sauce. Nothing fancy. One will be teriyaki and the other will be a spicy BBQ. Super easy and great for a busy night when we might not all be eating at the same time.

Tuesday- Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin- I have not made this before but I already had all the ingredients, it is a slow cooker meal, and it looks and sounds AMAZING!

Wednesday- Steak Fajitas- No real recipe necessary. I have some thin steaks I will cut into strips and throw into a pan with a cut tomato, bell pepper, and onion. I usually pick up a packet of fajita seasoning too. Cook it up and serve on tortillas. Ta-da!

Thursday- Pancakes and sausage- surely this will be the kids favorite meal. This is actually an evening when we have plans and probably won't eat at home but in case we do we can fry sausage patties and make pancakes or waffles (from a mix although I plan to find a good homemade version soon, if you have one please share in the comments!).

Friday- Rotel Velveeta Chicken- there are some really amazing rotel chicken spaghetti recipes out there and I have one for a future meal plan. Much to the chagrin of my Velveeta hating friends, my husband likes this recipe where I cook chicken breasts in the oven with rotel on top of them and when they are almost fully cooked I put cubed Velveeta right on top of them in the pan. You end up with a cheesy, slightly spicy chicken breast that is great with almost any side. Healthy? No. Tasty? Sho 'nuff!

Saturday- You'll see it says softball party. We have a team party to attend and will be eating pizza that evening. I put it on the menu so I wouldn't forget and try to serve pizza another day/ night.

Sunday- Poppy Seed turkey- We have some leftover chunks of turkey in the freezer from the last turkey we roasted. I make this exactly like Poppy Seed chicken. It is a very rich dish but so very tasty!

If you'd like to see new recipes as I find them be sure to follow the Catering to the Carters Pinterest board. I'm always adding pins!

Just a disclaimer: This is a journey. I want to get organized before we begin school again. I am the least stressed when I have a plan. My hope is that I will get organized at meal planning, then I will be able to make some of my regular meals as freezer meals to save time and prep, and then I will be able to return to couponing and price matching in order to save as much as possible on our groceries. Right now I'm still in planning mode. I will give you my list of meals for the week and include as many recipes as possible. Stick with me and let's do this together. If you don't like one of my meals that's okay! They won't all be super healthy or super cheap. If you have a recipe to share that is always welcome!

Make sure you make a grocery list! One trip to the store always costs less than multiple trips back for one or two items.

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