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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Meal Plan #2

So far, so good! We've eaten almost every meal at home this week and I made all the meals on my Meal Plan from last week plus yesterday I made BLTs and fried green tomatoes for lunch. It was SO good. Anyhow here is this week's plan:

I made a big grocery trip to Kroger on Friday and then picked up a few extras at the Farmer's Market yesterday. 

Monday- Slow cooker "nachos"- There are lots of names for this but it is super easy to make. Basically chicken, rotel, cream cheese, ranch powder, black beans, and corn. See a pin of the recipe here

Tuesday- BBQ Pork Sandwiches- another slow cooker favorite. Just a pork tenderloin covered in BBQ sauce and cooked on low until it falls apart. You can jazz it up with some cola poured in, ranch powder, or onions. Yum yum. Serve on rolls.

Wednesday- Honey Soy Chicken- I'm trying this recipe I found on Pinterest.

Thursday- French Dip Sandwiches- Another recipe I found online. Apple has camp every day this week so I really wanted all slow cooker meals for the week. 

Friday- Apple has a concert so we will be eating out. 

Saturday- Chicken Alfredo- so easy and so loved in this house. Usually we just grill some chicken and dice it. Boil fettuccine noodles, drain, and toss with alfredo sauce. I've tried the packets and the jars of pre-made sauce. We like the jars. Serve with the chicken and dinner is done. 

Sunday- Quesadillas- great for using up leftover chicken from the chicken alfredo. Take tortillas and cover with a Mexican blend of cheese and meat (can also use taco flavored cooked ground beef) and top with a tortilla. Heat in a skillet or just pop in the microwave. Serve with salsa and chips. Ole!

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